Would you have paid the cost?

en: Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, Wayne, PA

en: Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, Wayne, PA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Human rights in the United States

Human rights in the United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


OUR FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS – NARA – 516307 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We, as a nation, will celebrate our independence from our Mother Country in a few hours. As time goes past, we tend to forget the high price that was paid for the freedoms we enjoy today. Thousands of lives were sacrificed so we could become the mighty nation we are today. If our freedom had depended upon you and me, would you have been willing to die so future generations could live as we live today?

I have not always appreciated the fact that my freedoms were paid for by strangers from the past. As I get older, I think on this subject more because it would seem that another war is brewing. What war is that? The war that must be fought to regain the freedoms that our present government is slowly taking away from us today. When we look at the pattern that is becoming apparent, we can see that we will soon relinquish our freedom to chose our own doctors and health insurance policies. We are quickly losing the freedom to purchase and own guns and ammunition. Soon, we will no longer be able to come and go from America as we have always done in the past.

There are many rights or freedoms that will be taken from us in the near future. The bible predicted it and thus, it must be. Would you be willing to take up arms and stand in the front line to defend our freedoms? Are you content that your daughters might one day be forced to live under Sharia law? Is your life so precious to you that you would hide behind the closet door to keep from putting yourself in harm’s way?

Somebody died for you so you could live the life you live today. Would you die to protect these freedoms, if need be? This is just a question to ask yourself. As for me, if the war comes, give me a gun and stick me in the front line. I am ready to die to defend the freedoms my grandchildren now have. I would die for my brothers and sister and their children. I might have 40 more years to live, but I would give up those years so those I love could live in peace and with freedom.

Christ paid the cost that was set by His Father to secure our freedom to step into the presence of an Almighty God. He was a young man. But there were too many flaws in this world for him to accept. He would rather give up His life in this world so we could enjoy the gifts of the new world. He paid the price. Christ didn’t fight a war. He laid down His life for us. “Here it is, Father. If this is the price to secure their freedom, I will pay it.”

Whatever happens in the years to come, we must ask ourselves, “Am I willing to pay the price of freedom so others can live free?” There are two enemies we are facing: Satan and those on earth who are following him. We can choose to stay and fight the enemies or lay down our lives and let others fight the fight. Either choice is a leap of faith. As Christians, we fight two enemies daily. We fight the ones we can see and the ones we see evidence of.

Are we the kind of people who would have paid the price as our ancestors did? Are we the kind of people who would tell others about Christ, even if it meant losing our own life? There are both types of people living in our world today. Do we know if we are one of these?







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