President or puppet?

English: Seal of the President of the United S...

English: Seal of the President of the United States Español: Escudo del Presidente de los Estados Unidos Македонски: Печат на Претседателот на Соединетите Американски Држави. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am beginning to wonder if we have a President or a Puppet. I am reminded of the silly childhood banter, ‘Whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you.’ The point was, if someone called you a dummy, a turdhead, stupid, etc., it would bounce off of you and stick to the name-caller.
Our President, or puppet, appears to cause all blame to bounce off him and stick to the accuser. Obama knows nothing about Benghazi, nothing about the IRS scandal and nothing about the two brothers who bombed the Marathon. It would seem that Obama is either a face puppet who isn’t told anything (he is just the face of the presidency), he is a moron or he just doesn’t care enough to know what is going on in the world.

His many vacations make it appear that he just doesn’t care what goes on in the world. After all, you only get to be President twice. Why not milk it for all it’s worth? I think the truth is that Obama knows exactly what he is doing. He just doesn’t want us to know what he is up to. He has big plans and he won’t let anything get in the way.

I have never seen a President get away with so much. Let’s impeach him and put him out of our misery. He can have the last laugh, just make sure it is the last.

On Receiving The Best Moment Award

Spotted forms of Aloe vera are sometimes known...

Spotted forms of Aloe vera are sometimes known as Aloe vera var. chinensis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




I am flattered to have received another award, however undeserving it may be. Michael is a fine man of God, grounded in the wisdom of God and very professional. That he thought I deserved this award is an award in itself. For those unfamiliar with Michael’s blog, he explores scripture and gleans the wisdom of God’s Word to use in his own life. Readers will be inspired and find help in their own Christian Walk. Please check out his blog at

Now, I am to entertain and inspire you. Did you know that milk can ease the pain of sunburn? It contains an anti-inflammatory that keeps the swelling down and soothes the skin. Once, when I was in my early twenties, I stayed out in the sun all day and cooked myself. I couldn’t even bear the weight of my clothes touching me. I would bathe myself in Aloe Vera gel and lie on top of the sheet most of the day. After the second day, I was able to get dressed and function quite well. Whatever kind of burn you get, use Aloe Vera immediately. If you do, there will be no scarring.


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Between Two Worlds

The wild life calls to Andy.

The wild life calls to Andy.

Amos and Andy take a nap.

Amos and Andy take a nap.

I sit and hold Andy in my arms as if he were a tiny baby. I started holding him this way when he was about four weeks old, except that he fit in my hand at the time. I have always called him my kitty baby. There is nothing on earth as touching as a tiny, frightened kitten who finally allows himself to be coaxed into your hand, then offers a huge sigh of contentment upon having his belly rubbed. This is an animal that has given a human his trust, completely and without reservation.

My Andy grew into a fine cat who still loves to lie in my arms the way a human baby would lay.  Andy holds his head back so I can easily access the soft, downy fur under his chin. As I gently massage Andy, I look at him intently. He appears to be just as content as he was when I finally convinced him to let me be his surrogate mama. I am holding back tears that will flow after he leaves me.

Andy has always had the freedom to roam the land. He will sleep with me until 3:00 a.m. every morning, then ask to go out so he can be with his feline friends and do the sort of things cats do at night. When his brother died, Andy looked for him for so long that I feared he would never get past the hurt and loneliness. Finally, one morning, Andy did not stop at the door and wait for his brother to enter the house first.

Andy has found a female friend with which he has made a family. I know, cats don’t usually find a mate and stay with her and their kittens. Andy is different. He strongly leans toward the DNA that was written for his ancestors, where the Lion king stays with his pride. He is a good daddy, a strong protector.

Right now, Andy is between two worlds. When he leaves me, he starts to yearn for the touch of my human hand on his head as I stroke him. Yet, when he is with me, he feels a strong pull to go back to his family. In the beginning, he would stay with me for several days, then return to his pride. Now, he comes for a quick meal and an hour in my arms. Then, Andy returns to the wild for a week or more.

I can tell that my Andy is torn between two worlds. He loves his mama, but he needs his independence. Just as human boys grow up and leave mama, Andy is trying to make the break. I can’t tell him that it is okay or that cats are supposed to be wild. Nor can I tell him that I will always be here whenever he feels like visiting. I wish our communication was that sophisticated, but it isn’t. Andy will have to trust that I will always be here and that he is free to live his life as he chooses.

Andy feels as if he is deserting me, but he is only doing what comes natural for cats. As long as he is happy, I will not worry. I stroke his soft fur as he sleeps. Andy sighs. I can’t hold back the tears. I raised him as I would a child. Have I confused him terribly? I can only hope that I have done no harm. I raised him the only way I knew how, with perfect love.

Always Read the label

English: Example generic ibuprofen container.

English: Example generic ibuprofen container. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Advil Liquid Gel Bottle

Advil Liquid Gel Bottle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My tag-line says, “Always read the label.” You might be surprised by reading the list of ingredients. Not just on food items, either. If the list on food is mostly words you couldn’t pronounce with a doctorate in chemistry, chances are, you don’t really want to eat that food. For now, let’s talk about over-the-counter medicines and household cleaners.

Do you remember when non-steroid anti-inflammatory medicines were all the rage in treating everything from migraines to arthritis? The main ingredient is ibuprofen. There are brand name medicines with this ingredient and there are generics that just contain ibuprofen. I was in my local pharmacy recently when a lady around my age was standing next to me, looking for Motrin. I handed her a bottle of ibuprofen and a bottle of Motrin. I asked her to read the labels. Motrin was priced at $11.95 for 30 pills. The generic brand was $1.99 for 45 pills. Same medicine, should be same price, right? No, big brand names still think they have to pay for all that advertising. Many people believe they are getting a superior product if they pay more. Not so. The pills in each bottle were exactly the same.

Whenever I hear of a diet aid that absolutely works or a new product that cleans better than anything I’ve ever used before, I always find out what the active ingredient is. Then I look for a non-brand product with that ingredient. It is always the cheaper product and, if it works at all, it works just as well as a generic as it does when a big corporation produces the product.

Doing a little homework is always worth the time. I had a wart on one of my fingers a while back. I went to the store to buy something that would safely remove the wart. I picked up the leading brand name product and read the label. Salicylic acid was the only ingredient. It came in a tiny .045 fluid-ounce bottle. I found a 6-ounce bottle of salicylic soap for $4.00. The name brand item $9.95. The wart was gone in three days.

Whatever new product comes out, whether it is something to help you lose weight or something that will clean your house all by itself, read the label. Find the active ingredients, then find a non-brand product that contains the active ingredients. Compare the costs. Buy the least expensive. I promise, the generic will work just as well, even if they didn’t put it in a pretty box with a cute logo.

It is just using common knowledge to get what you need and pay the least amount possible. I have shown people in stores how they can save $10, $20 or more dollars by buying generic and they still buy the brands from big corporations that suck up all the tax breaks and become billionaires.

Times are hard now, but we haven’t seen anything yet. The cost of food, medicines and other essentials, such as personal grooming aids and household cleaners and detergents will soon be priced out of the average person’s budget. Look for cheaper versions that will do the same thing at a fraction of the cost.

Always, always, always, read the label. Know what it is you are paying for. No one has ever complained about saving money.