Where the Wild Things Grow

English: Wildflowers, Walberswick. Between the...

English: Wildflowers, Walberswick. Between the village of Walberswick and the sea, wild flowers grow abundantly. Ox-eye daisies are the most numerous of those shown here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Blue Wild Petunia (Ruellia caroliniensis) flow...

Blue Wild Petunia (Ruellia caroliniensis) flower in Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


honeysuckle (Photo credit: Lucyme)

Honeysuckle Too

Honeysuckle Too (Photo credit: garryknight)

English: Close up of honeysuckle.

English: Close up of honeysuckle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Honeysuckle growing wild in the hedgerow.

English: Honeysuckle growing wild in the hedgerow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sun beats down, a cool breeze blows and I spot a splash of color along the fence row. Walking closer to uncover the mystery, my eyes focus on a wild flower I’ve never seen before. The flower is very small and stands alone, with no other flowers in her family to keep her company. How does one lone flower exist beneath the twisted and entwined vines of honeysuckle, blackberry and wild rose? Did a bird fly over and deposit that one seed? What made it fight its way to the sunlight, here, where the wild things grow?

No one planted the honeysuckle or the blackberry. The wild rose has existed so long that no one can remember a time when they didn’t grow along the fence, blooming in early spring to scent the country air. Nobody tends or cares for the wild things, yet they flourish. Any country girl can tell you how the wild honeysuckle sweetens the night air on a summer’s early night and how the wild rose delivers a delight to the nose on a summer’s early morning.

No one can explain how the wild things came to be outside of a loving God. Imagine God planning every detail of man’s existence on this earth. He didn’t have to give us all the extras that bring us such joy. We would never have known anything was missing if God had left the wild things out of our world. But love, in great degree, compelled God to share with us all things He had ever imagined – all the things that made Him smile. “I wonder how many will notice the wild things. How many will appreciate the fragrance of the wild rose? Will they find joy in the honeysuckle, a plant they don’t have to toil over?”

How often do you go where the wild things grow?