I love awards!!

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To be nominated for two awards at once is more than an honor. To be nominated for Blog of the year leaves me speechless. I have been watching the nominated blogs on Facebook and thought, that will never happen for me. I was wrong and this time I was happy to be wrong.

What makes this nomination even more important is the fact that Michael Monday nominated me. An example of Mike‘s work can be found here: The Amazing Grace of God. It is always a pleasure visiting Mike’s blog. He is very accomplished and has won many awards. He is a man to be admired.

I am supposed to write five things I enjoy about blogging:

  1. I love reading the blogs of others.
  2. I love making new friends and finding out we are two peas in a pod.
  3. I love the freedom to express myself.
  4. I love when people take the time to comment.
  5. I love that I can write about a pet peeve one day and politics another day. Variety is the spice of life.

Those that I nominate for Most Inventive blogger and Blogger of the Year are to link back to me and write five things they like about blogging. You can nominate one or 51, it is up to you. I love each of you and wish you a prosperous new year.

Nominees for both awards go to:

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I feel that every one of my fellow bloggers deserve an award. I think I just might have to create one for them. I love you all.

The Sadness of Fall

Liriodendron tulipifera 'Mediopictum' leaves (...

Liriodendron tulipifera ‘Mediopictum’ leaves (autumn). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

American tulip tree , tulip poplar or yellow p...

American tulip tree , tulip poplar or yellow poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The bright yellow leaves, caught up by the wind, perform a little dance as they drift toward the earth. They collect beneath the tall sourwood and Tulip Poplar trees, as they join the deep red and orange leaves that fell yesterday. The beautifully colored leaves that landed today hide those beneath that have turned brown.

The short needles of the White Georgia Pines are the color of gold. The trees look almost bare as they drop millions of needles every day for weeks. The forest floor is covered with gold, until it slowly turns light brown. For a moment in time, the landscape is brilliantly painted with orange, gold, red, yellow and purple. The sun shines on the colors, intensifying them, giving the landscape a color that only exists for a week or two every year. And then, it is gone.

We are left with the cold nights and chilly days of autumn – no more color until the snow comes to fill up the branches of the White pines and holly trees, giving the green a contrast.

However sad it is for the trees to stand bare for months, the anticipation of a colorful spring keeps us hanging in there. As long as there are seasons, the earth remains.

The red leaves of autumn are breathtaking.

The red leaves of autumn are breathtaking.

What happened to time?

Girl scouts

Girl scouts (Photo credit: Rocky VI)

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts (Photo credit: The Library of Virginia)

Saturday with Friends and Family  028

Saturday with Friends and Family 028 (Photo credit: -DjD-)

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning (Photo credit: jspaw)

When I was much younger and raising two children, I never stopped. Literally, I never stopped. I just fell out at the end of the day and got up the next day to do it all over again.

I never trusted other people to teach my children and care for them the way I did. So, I was Girl Scout leader, Sunday School teacher, Girls-in-Action leader, Acteens leader, ball coach and school teacher. I made breakfast every morning, packed lunches, cooked dinner, went to work, ran errands after work, held softball practice, coached games twice a week and once on Saturdays and attended church Sunday morning and night and again on Wednesday nights. I went to Baptist Women meetings once a month on Tuesday nights. At one point in my life, I went to university classes at night while still doing everything else.

I cleaned my own home, washed and ironed clothes, laid everyone’s clothes out for the next day, helped with homework and studied my lessons for church every night. When my son was 12, I home-schooled him until he graduated. I had to write lesson plans, write tests and grade papers. I attended family events, shopped for groceries on Saturdays and supervised my children at play.

Here’s the deal. I had 24 hours in each day and I accomplished all this while supervising a sheltered workshop for mentally retarded adults five days a week. Now that I am older, the kids are grown and gone, I can’t even get the basics accomplished each day. I have the same 24 hours a day, what happened?

I think maybe I need a little more pressure in my life to get it all done in 24 hours. I don’t cook breakfast anymore, or pack lunches, or coach ball games, or teach anyone except on Sunday mornings. Yet, I can’t seem to get all my work done in one day. I always thought when the kids were grown, I would have all kinds of luxurious hours to myself. Not so.

True, I don’t drive to work anymore. I am a freelance writer (who isn’t?). There must be too many distractions and not enough deadlines in my life. I swear, I don’t know how time slips past me the way it does. I don’t have black-outs. I don’t have even half the stuff to do as I use to have. Still, most days, I don’t get all my work finished.

I do have a rather large garden to tend, but I had that when the kids were growing up, as well. In fact. I harvested the vegetables, cleaned them and canned everything. I still do that, but where does my time go?

If you are very busy and always seem to be running to the next task, be thankful. It keeps your day organized and on schedule. Take away the constraints on your time, and you flop around like a fish out of water. Oh, did I mention I have ADD? I have had since I was five years old. You don’t even want to know what that is like. Then again, maybe you do. That might be my next post.

My Summer Colors

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Summer is the time to stay outdoors until the sun goes down or until 9:30 p.m. or whichever comes first. This makes for very long days and short nights. Since I love being outdoors -gardening, looking at the flowers, watching the wildlife and the insects and drinking the evening scents wafting on the breeze – this is fine with me. I am not good at photography, but I try to capture the essence of what makes up my world. These are some of the summer projects at my house.


Hydrangea flower

Hydrangea flower

Lettuce from my garden.

Lettuce from my garden.


If You Couldn’t Find God Today, He was at my House


Blackberries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two berries of the Rubus genus. The red one to...

Two berries of the Rubus genus. The red one to the left is Rubus idaeus, which is commonly known as raspberry. Its length is approximately 26 mm (only the fruit part) and it measures about 18 mm at its widest diameter. The black berry to the right is Rubus fruticosus – the common blackberry – with a length of 33 mm and a maximum diameter of 17 mm. Both berries are food used by Homo sapiens sapiens and are therefore cultivated. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Apples on an apple-tree. Ukraine. Рус...

English: Apples on an apple-tree. Ukraine. Русский: Яблоня со спелыми плодами. Украина. Latina: Malus domestica (Borkh., 1803) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Few people would recognize perfect if it slapped them in the face to get their attention and showed them photo after photo of itself.  Fewer still, are the moments of perfection. However, I recognized this illusive creature today. Having recognized perfection, I realized that God was very near.

My husband and I took a ride on the Artic Cat tonight at 8:30 to a huge stand of blackberry bushes growing along a fence row at the end of our road. With my bucket in hand, we picked the large sweet berries as the lightening bugs put on a show around us. So magical were the small bugs that I stopped picking several times just to watch the show.

Now, God didn’t have to give us small, harmless bugs with super bright lights in their butts to light up the night sky in June and July every year, here in the south, but He did. Why did he? Was he as amused at the idea of a bug who called for a mate by turning on his butt light as we are? I have to believe that He is. In fact, I know that God was watching with us as we, like children, oohed and aawed over the beauty and magic that filled the night. It is a phenomenon that can’t be expressed with words.

We filled the bucket, got back onto the four-wheeler and drove to another location. The sparkles of light were everywhere around us. We found an apple tree loaded with apples ready to be picked. We filled our bag with apples and drove on. There were bushes completely covered in white balls of blooms. The mountainside appeared to be covered in snow.

The sunset was red, orange and amber. A cool breeze blew across my face. My thought was, “This is a perfect summer night.”

What is perfection? It is whatever you believe it to be. For me, when all or many of the things I love come together all at once, I see perfection. Others might find fault with my perfection. I may see nothing perfect in your idea of perfection. The main thing is to recognize when a perfect moment, hour of day or successive hours, comes together. Drink it in. Commit it to memory. It won’t happen too often and in fact, may never happen for you again.

Perfection is fleeting. We live in a cursed world that is crumbling. We have no right to expect much. But, when things come together to give you all the elements that give you joy or peace, recognize that perfection is taking place. God is always in the midst of perfection. There is no perfection without Him.

My idea of a perfect summer night: The grass and low sky is lit up with dancing lightening bugs, A cool breeze is blowing while I drink the fragrance of honeysuckles and petunias. There are so many black, sweet berries that a two-gallon pail is filled withing ten minutes. I have no urgent tasks to complete. I am free to enjoy every minute.

I am praying that each of you find a moment of perfection this summer. Remember, it may be fleeting, but it will be glorious.

Between Two Worlds

The wild life calls to Andy.

The wild life calls to Andy.

Amos and Andy take a nap.

Amos and Andy take a nap.

I sit and hold Andy in my arms as if he were a tiny baby. I started holding him this way when he was about four weeks old, except that he fit in my hand at the time. I have always called him my kitty baby. There is nothing on earth as touching as a tiny, frightened kitten who finally allows himself to be coaxed into your hand, then offers a huge sigh of contentment upon having his belly rubbed. This is an animal that has given a human his trust, completely and without reservation.

My Andy grew into a fine cat who still loves to lie in my arms the way a human baby would lay.  Andy holds his head back so I can easily access the soft, downy fur under his chin. As I gently massage Andy, I look at him intently. He appears to be just as content as he was when I finally convinced him to let me be his surrogate mama. I am holding back tears that will flow after he leaves me.

Andy has always had the freedom to roam the land. He will sleep with me until 3:00 a.m. every morning, then ask to go out so he can be with his feline friends and do the sort of things cats do at night. When his brother died, Andy looked for him for so long that I feared he would never get past the hurt and loneliness. Finally, one morning, Andy did not stop at the door and wait for his brother to enter the house first.

Andy has found a female friend with which he has made a family. I know, cats don’t usually find a mate and stay with her and their kittens. Andy is different. He strongly leans toward the DNA that was written for his ancestors, where the Lion king stays with his pride. He is a good daddy, a strong protector.

Right now, Andy is between two worlds. When he leaves me, he starts to yearn for the touch of my human hand on his head as I stroke him. Yet, when he is with me, he feels a strong pull to go back to his family. In the beginning, he would stay with me for several days, then return to his pride. Now, he comes for a quick meal and an hour in my arms. Then, Andy returns to the wild for a week or more.

I can tell that my Andy is torn between two worlds. He loves his mama, but he needs his independence. Just as human boys grow up and leave mama, Andy is trying to make the break. I can’t tell him that it is okay or that cats are supposed to be wild. Nor can I tell him that I will always be here whenever he feels like visiting. I wish our communication was that sophisticated, but it isn’t. Andy will have to trust that I will always be here and that he is free to live his life as he chooses.

Andy feels as if he is deserting me, but he is only doing what comes natural for cats. As long as he is happy, I will not worry. I stroke his soft fur as he sleeps. Andy sighs. I can’t hold back the tears. I raised him as I would a child. Have I confused him terribly? I can only hope that I have done no harm. I raised him the only way I knew how, with perfect love.

Best Moment Award

I have received an award from a very well-known blogger with over 200,000 hits since switching over to wordpress. Petrel, of Dear Kitty. Some Blog has honored me with the Best Moment Award. There are hundreds of bloggers he could have honored, but he chose me out of a dozen or so.

Rules of the Best Moment Award:

Winners re-post this completely with their acceptance speech. This could be written or video. Winners have the privilege of awarding the next awards! The re-post should include a NEW set of people/blogs worthy of the award; and, winners, notify them of the great news!


  • What makes a good acceptance speech?
    • Gratitude. Thank the people who helped you along the way
    • Humor. Keep us entertained and smiling
    • Inspiration. Make your story touch our lives
  • Get an idea from the great acceptance speeches, compiled in MomentMatters.com/Speech
  • Display the award’s badge on your blog/website, downloadable in MomentMatters.com/Award

I would like to thank everyone who had enough faith in me to follow my blog. I love to entertain, but I also love to inform people about those who are taking advantage of us. Sometimes, it is our governments and often it is the big corporations who make money by deceiving us all.

I have made some truly wonderful friends since I have been blogging. This would not be possible without the world of the Internet.

These people are among the best bloggers, although all that I follow are amazing. I love them all!


Especially Made

Just After Words







A Devoted Life

There are many more who deserve an award, but unfortunately, I don’t have the time to list everyone. I still love you, though. Forever and always, I promise. WP_000225


What if God needed a friend?

God the Father 05

God the Father 05 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

This was posted to my Facebook page from Friendship Fortune Cookie:

You have a great friend who is always there when you are down and is always there to listen to your problems. Make sure you treat your friends the same way.

God is my best friend. What would He tell me if He told me about His problems? Would these subjects be mentioned if God just needed to vent? Homosexuality, immorality, adultery, idolatry, greed, stinginess, abortion, deceit and pride…

Would God just need someone to listen to the things He has to put up with? Not that God has to put up with anything, He just does. God doesn’t zap us dead when we disobey because He has hope that we will change and besides, if He zapped people dead every time they disobey, there would be no one left to talk to by the end of the week.

Another reason God doesn’t kill us the second we disobey is because of this scenario: A person tells a lie, God zaps them dead instantly and everyone else obeys out of tremendous fear. They would worship God out of fear also. This isn’t what God wants. Do you want your children to obey you because they saw what happened to Sally when she lied about her bad grade in math?

God is more like us than we realize. We are created in His image, making us similar to Him. All the things we love about life, God loves also. He loves the brilliant sunsets, the fragrance of lilacs after the rain, a walk along the beach with the warmth of the sun on His back and the scent of lemons in the lemonade.

He doesn’t have a physical body, you say? Sure He does, He lives in the body He gave you and the one He gave me. We are intertwined, God and I. He always lives up to His side of the covenant, but I let Him down quite a lot.

If I could God one thing, I would give Him my ears so He could tell me how disappointed He is in all of us. I would listen as He cried in despair when He talked about abortion and the divorce rate. I would lend Him my shoulder to lend on as He spoke about the sorry state of government and the state of churches that are putting their seal of approval on all manner of sin.

You know, I think I can give Him that. I believe I can hear Him talking about these things now and asking me, “Do you feel the pain of all this sin, as I do?” God is asking us, “Are you as disgusted as I am? Are you ready for the new world order that Christ is bringing with Himself?”

Listen. If you get still and listen, you can hear the sadness in the heart of God. Talk with God and share your day, but listen to Him when you have finished. After all, that is what friends do for each other.

Another Award: Very Sweet Blogger Award

English: deflour rhum chocolate cake and vanil...

English: deflour rhum chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

German chocolate cake from a bakery

German chocolate cake from a bakery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Choc Rose Cake

English: Choc Rose Cake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have received an award from My Daily Minefield Blog. If you haven’t checked out this blog yet, you have no idea what you are missing. There are so many interesting articles about the great planet we live on. I am inspired every time I stop by. This blog will not disappoint visitors.

I try to be sweet, and kind, and kind of off the wall now and then. I don’t want to give anyone tooth decay by being too sweet, so I speak my mind now and then whenever something bothers me or when I see stupidity or injustice in the world. Other than that, I am usually meek and mild.

Here are the rules:

You must thank the person who gave you the award. Please mention them on your blog and provide a link so others can find out how awesome they are. You must answer a few sweet questions, then send the award on to other sweet, deserving bloggers.

My Questions and Answers:

Super Sweet Questions to Answer:

1.  Cookies or Cake?   Both. Who can choose just one?

2.  Chocolate or Vanilla?   If I am forced at gunpoint, chocolate. I love that warm, smooth, velvety stuff melting inside my mouth.

3.  What is your favorite sweet treat?  Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

4.  When do you crave sweet things most?  At night, when I write. (This was Daily Minefield’s answer, but it holds true for me also.)

5.  If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?  Sweetness. For real, a special person calls me that. I swear.

Other sweet bloggers I know:

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Do you know me?

Cover of "I Love Being a Woman (Focus on ...

Cover via Amazon

People are such strange creatures. We take forever sizing up a person before we let them into our private lives, if ever. We categorize people as far as who gets to see us do what. The mail carrier probably knows more about us than we would like, but he or she doesn’t get to see us in curlers, nor would we invite him to go fishing with us next weekend, unless he happened to be a close friend to begin with.

We go to church with many different people. We love them. Some of them are close friends, while others are acquaintances. We really wouldn’t want those we aren’t close with to just pop over to our homes after church. Maybe we left everything a mess. Maybe we were hoping to change from church clothes into really comfy clothes (read, no bra). Maybe the reason we aren’t close friends is because we have heard their views on life and we know we have too many differences to overcome.

We’ve seen certain people every week for years, at the drug store, the gas station, the post office or video store. We know each other by first name. We’ve shared personal information about ourselves and the lives we live. We have laughed together, cried together when their dog died after 25 years, and shared valuable information that has helped them and us. Still, do we send them an invitation to our daughter’s wedding or our son’s graduation?

Everyone on planet Earth has done the close friend, mere acquaintance, beloved family member and barely know their first name, dance.  They have heard our good news. We’ve won the lottery. They all believe themselves to be our very best friends. Surely, we will share – quite a bit, actually – with every person we have ever known and thousands we did not know existed.

We may not know ourselves as well as we think. We may believe we would willingly give ten percent to the church, ten percent to charity and several thousands to people we know who could use a friendly hand out. No matter how well we think we know ourselves, God knows us better.

Maybe we don’t win the lottery because God knows it would cause heartache when we learned our favorite brother was expecting more than the piddling amount of $200,000 we gave him and he no longer wants to associate with us. He feels slighted. God knows that our parents would be hurt that we did not send at least $25,000 to each family member back in Italy – France – Mexico – Poland – Iran, etc.

You know more about me than many people I see in person. Still, there are things you don’t yet know:

  1. I am the most forgiving person you will ever meet. Just ask for forgiveness and you are forgiven.
  2. If I have only enough bread and meat for one sandwich, I will give the sandwich to you and say, “I am not hungry.”
  3. I believe we are living in the last days of the Age of Grace. Soon, God will remove Grace from the face of the earth.
  4. My feelings can be easily hurt, but I will never let you know that you hurt my feelings. Maybe it was not intentional.
  5. If you buy a present for me that does not fit, is not a color I like, I can’t use or isn’t something I would hang on my wall, you will never know. If you bought or made a gift for me, you thought of me. That is enough.
  6. If we disagree on politics or religion or both, I won’t argue with you about these things. We just won’t bring up the subject. I don’t want to argue. Life is too short.
  7. Don’t hurt my family. I would die for them. That should tell you how unpleasant your life would be if you hurt them.
  8. I believe in romance. I believe you can be married one year or fifty, but the romance can be as strong as it was the first day you met.
  9. I believe divorce is often unavoidable, but it is not a part of God’s perfect plan. God knew how difficult it would be for children. He does not want the children hurt by divorce. However, sometimes divorce is needed to save the children from the abusive parent.
  10. I cry when people dump cats and dogs as if they were unfeeling insects. They love you. They thought they were loved by you. They are as innocent and as helpless as small children. If you can’t take care of them, take them to a shelter.
  11. You don’t have to like me, but don’t pretend that you do. I would rather have one true friend than five hundred people who say they are friends with me, yet treat me as if my time and thoughts were nothing to consider.
  12. We can disagree on a matter and still be friendly toward each other. Heck, no two people ever agreed 100% of the time on 100% of things. Life would be boring if we all thought alike and acted alike.
  13. I am not superstitious. I don’t care that you sent me an email about acknowledging Jesus and receiving a blessing when I forward it to 12 people. God doesn’t work that way. Do you really believe God will punish you for not forwarding an email? He won’t rain down blessings because you do, either. That is just phishing. Someone wants your email address to sell you something
  14. I am old fashioned. I love being a woman. I love the role God gave me. I don’t want to be just like the men. I understand there are some things women aren’t suited for. There are many things men aren’t suited for. I do believe both sexes are intelligent. Both should be paid the same if both jobs are the same and both do the same amount of work.
  15. I may not ever get to meet you in person, but I love you. When you hurt, I hurt. When you rejoice, I rejoice. If I hurt you in any way, let me know. I want a chance to say I am sorry.

Do you know me? Not yet, but you are beginning to know me better. I hope you continue on this life journey with me. Who knows what we may discover together.