Poor Andy

Amos & Andy

Amos & Andy

English: Kitten

English: Kitten (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is Amos and Andy, except Amos doesn’t live here any more. I am ahead of myself. Let’s go back about eight years to 2005.

“Did you know that there are two very little kittens in my shop? I haven’t seen a mama cat around either,” my husband said casually.

“Kittens? Where, how long have they been there? What have they been eating? Are they okay?” I had a dozen questions and Mike‘s head was spinning.

“Just go out to the shop and see if they will come to you. They run from me. They are wild, you know.” I knew about wild cats. I’ve tried to tame a few over the years, unsuccessfully. If a newborn kitten isn’t held by a human several times before he is six weeks old, he will never be domesticated. I was afraid my window of opportunity was fast closing.

The two little boy kittens were so starved, yet they did not trust me and would not come out from behind a box of stored Christmas decorations. I used a soft voice and called to them. Finally, I went back to the house and opened a can of cream. I diluted the cream with a little warm water and set two bowls close to the box. I left the shop, but peeked around the corner to see if they would drink the cream.

My two kitties lapped up the cream and gradually graduated to solid foods. I would place their food bowls a little closer to the house every day. It took two weeks to get them out of the shop – the only home they had ever known and the last place they had seen their furry mother alive. They looked for her return daily. I came to the conclusion that she had gotten hit by a passing car while out foraging for food.

By the time the kittens were two months old, I had gotten them halfway between the shop and the house at feeding time. They would play together as I watched, but would keep an eye on me. If I made advances toward them, they fled back to the shop where they slept at night.

It was around dusk one evening in early summer, I was sitting on the ground near the kittens when their play-fighting landed Amos in my lap. He freaked out and flipped twice before escaping my lap. I sat as still as a statue. Amos was curious as he reached out and touched my bare leg with his paw. I made no move. He decided I was no danger and began to explore me carefully, touching my face, playing with my hair and finally, rubbing his head against my cheek.

The soft down of Amos’s kitty fur smelled so sweet. He exhausted himself playing with me as Andy watched from a distance. I could tell that Andy wanted to be brave and explore me, but he just couldn’t muster the courage. Amos, now tired, allowed me to hold him in my hand. As I stroked his soft belly, he left out a big sigh and closed his tiny eyes. He had found his new mama and was content. Andy decided he did not want to be left out. Hesitantly, Andy joined his brother, insisting upon lying next to him. It was a perfect, beautiful moment between me and my two adopted sons. I had gained their trust completely.

Born wild, the kittens would play together and with me indoors during the day, but when night came, they wanted out. Mike fashioned them a house under the porch out of a heavy plastic bin. The bin was turned upside down and had a section removed for coming and going. It had plush carpet for a floor and warm blankets to lie upon.  And so, the brothers began their life journey with me.

Be sure and return to learn more about these sweet animals and why Amos doesn’t live here any more.

Savior and friend

Lord Howe

Lord Howe (Photo credit: Roberta W.B.)

With broken heart,
I came to thee.
With clouded eyes,
I could not see
the depth of your humanity.

I cried for you
in childish fear,
to fix my hurt
and dry my tears
as one who suddenly appears.

You heard me pray
for inner peace,
for conflict now
forever cease
to live a life of sweet release.

For all, you came
and gave to me
my strength, my hope,
to find you for eternity.

My love, my Lord,
my hope, my all,
how glad I am
I heard your call
to come nigh you lest I should fall.

With broken heart,
I came to thee.
With opened eyes
I now can see
the height of your supremacy.

No budget, no pay

Georgia’s US Congressman Tom Graves posted on Facebook today the following:
“I voted for the “No Budget, No Pay Act,” which passed the House today and would withhold the salaries of members of Congress if their respective chamber does not pass a budget by April 15, 2013.

I am committed to balancing the budget and forcing the government to operate within its means. We cannot allow Washington to continue dragging down our economy and sidelining jobs that our communities need.

The first step in that process is forcing the Senate to follow the law and pass a budget, which they have failed to do for almost four years. In the House, we will again put forward a bold vision for the country, which will include tax, spending and entitlement reform. Our goal is to balance the budget in ten years.

If the Senate again fails to pass a budget, they will have their pay withheld. No budget, no pay. The American people expect and deserve that kind of accountability.”

Congressman Graves spoke for the American people today. Our government is elected by ‘We the people’ and are expected to help run this country according to the wishes of ‘We the people’. If more members of Congress and the Senate would break the hold that greed has upon them, they could see the destruction they are reeking upon this once mighty nation. To where will they all flee if America comes tumbling down?

Jehovah God told us in His holy word that greed would destroy the earth. We see that evidence all around us in these last days. Even men and women who promised to do the right thing if elected are taking money from lobbyists, allowing their greed to destroy them and all of America. In the end, all the money ever minted or printed since time began will not be enough to sustain them and their families. Let us pray that Congress will hold the Senate to the laws it has passed.


Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove (Photo credit: Drew Avery)

Like the soft downy preening of a Mourning Dove’s wings,

it falls in the night while the night bird sings.

So softly it falls, as seeking surprise,

that surprise is exactly the effect, when I rise.

So silent and peaceful the forest now seems.

Angels worked hard as we lay in our dreams.

Every flaw and each imperfection,

are now hidden by love for man’s introspection.

How soft and pristine the landscape appears,

showing mankind what he traded for tears.

Would we rather not know what should have been

if only we had listened and resisted first sin?

By noon, the white beauty will have melted away.

The cats and the mice will come out to play.

Some things are fleeting, some things last longer;

some things are given to make our faith stronger.

Whatever the reason and however it appears,

the snow is still wondrous after all of these years.

Such beauty never loses its mysterious appeal,

nor ceases to beckon, “Come touch, taste, and feel.”

The gun debate

Since the massacre of 20 school children in Newtown, Connecticut, cold-blooded murder of six teachers and the murder of the killer’s mother, the nation has been in an uproar over gun-rights. The US constitution tells us that every citizen has the right to keep and bear arms in the Bill of Rights, Second Amendment. Why do you suppose this was written into the fabric of our nation?

There has been controversy and debate, off and on, throughout the history of the United States about the ‘right to keep and bear arms’. Some people say that hunting rifles are okay, but assault rifles should be banned. I don’t like the idea of assault rifles myself. However, someone pointed out this fact: If private citizens are not allowed to own assault rifles, what happens when the government begins to take away our other rights, one by one? How will we protect ourselves and our families? Is this even something that could possibly happen?

This nation was formed for and by oppressed people who left England, Scotland, Ireland, Poland, China, Russia and nearly every nation on earth. Our ancestors began a new nation, free from tyranny, oppression, dictatorship and abject poverty. We built this nation (not Obama) after a revolution with the Mother Country, England. It is ignorance and stupidity of the worst kind to believe that it could not happen again, the need to rebel and throw off oppression.

If all the guns were confiscated from every citizen of this country, what would protect us from a government that could just as quickly turn against us as Hitler did upon his people? As long as the citizens own guns, there will be a deterrent to communism.

What about innocent children and adults that are murdered by these guns every day? First point: Innocent children and adults have always been victims of lunatics. There have always been murders in this country. It is a sad fact of life. People have committed murder since recorded history. But wait! Guns haven’t been around since recorded history. Exactly.

Point two: These guns? Whose guns? My guns killed no one. I have owned guns for 40 years and they have murdered no one. They haven’t even killed people who needed killing and believe me, there have been a few. Responsible gun owners don’t murder people. They may kill you if you enter their homes uninvited or you rape their daughters, but that is expected, isn’t it? It should be. It won’t be if we allow the government to take away our guns.

If there is a food shortage and we need to hunt food, what will we use if we have no guns? Yes, I know there are ancient ways to trap animals for food. It is cruel to trap animals, maiming them, leaving them in pain to suffer until you check the trap again. A bullet to the head is quick and painless. Besides, will starving Americans wait patiently while hunters set traps and wait? Have you ever been in the drive-through line at Burger king on a Friday evening when most folks get off from work? They can’t wait patiently without blowing their horns every ten seconds for food that is chemically processed, formed, cooked, put together, throw into a brown bag and thrust out a small window at you in under three minutes from start to finish. Will they wait? Right.

We can choose to live in the fairy cloud of daydreams, what ifs and idealism, but ‘it ain’t happening for real’. Watch your news. Not just one-sided news, watch several different channels, including FOX Network News. See if you detect the creeping takeover by our present government. Yes, I mean Democrats by activism and Republicans by forfeit.

We don’t live in an ideal world. We will never live in an ideal world as long as man lives upon this earth. We may as well get past the idea of Utopia and learn how to live in a world of conflict, greed and power. I don’t know about you, but I feel better with the gun under my pillow than under Obama’s pillow. You can bet he has one.

What idiots debate violence against women

ID-10075932 Till murder do we part. (Photo by tanatat at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.)


The New York Times News Service released information concerning the violence against women in India. Because women in India are now receiving the education that, in times past, was only allowed for men, they have made great strides in the workforce and have become leaders in politics. The fact that women have progressed somewhat from the ancient traditions practiced in India, men have  become more resentful and violent toward them.

In the Chattanooga Times Free Press, January 13, 2013, there is an article titled India debates violence against women. Because this blog is mainly about using common sense, I have to ask, “Who debates violence against women?” Is there any reason to debate this issue? For all the advancements Indian women have made, they are still treated worse than dogs. How does the debate go?

Shithead, do you feel there is too much violence against women today?”

“No, Asho, I feel the level of violence is good where it’s at. Maybe a little more would be good.”

“Are you sure Shithead? We are debating this issue officially and something must be told to the press. What do you suggest we say?”

“Well, Asho, let’s just say that we are aware that two million women and female infants are murdered every year. Let’s promise to decrease this number by two percent over the next ten years.”

“Shithead, that is brilliant! That is the tactic Obama uses and it works for him.”

Come on folks, let’s get real. There is no debate. Just do something.

A story was told, in the article, about a woman whose in-laws were not satisfied with her dowry. Her husband and in-laws raped, strangled and threw her in a ditch. The murderers were charged with the crime, but a year later, the criminals have not been arrested and likely will never be arrested. Why? Because women are not considered to be human, therefore, they have no rights.

The article said such crimes were routine. It was estimated that between 25,000 and 100,000 women were killed every year over dowrys. Can you imagine that happening in the US? Women are so lowly regarded that newborn girls are often left to die or they are murdered by their parents, read ‘father.’ Then again, maybe the mothers kill the female babies to save them from a lifetime of misery.

Rape is only a small part of the crime against women in India. Two million women are murdered annually. That is a lot of women. Men who don’t have jobs blame the women in the labor force. This is reason enough for the men to kill the women. No one gets arrested and life goes on – for the men, that is.

One method of female homicide is to burn them alive. I suppose that is their form of entertainment; cheap and plentiful. There is one thing the men haven’t considered. By killing off all the women, there will eventually be none for the men to resent or abuse. They will have to find brides from other countries. I pray that women from other countries will realize how men in India treat women and will not fall for their sweet words and promise of riches.

Lord help the women in India. Let them rise up in the night and gather together and say, “We are not going to take this anymore.”

I have been honored


I have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by The Daily Mindfield. I enjoy taking a daily trip to this blogging site. I understand why Sweta nominated them for this award. They are versatile and very interesting.

The Rules:

• Display the award certificate on your website

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Seven things about myself:

1. I love animals. I especially love baby animals. I have raised rabbits that lost their mother (wild rabbits).

2. I live in a forest where the deer graze in my yard at sunrise and at dusk. I love to watch them. They are so gentle and graceful.

3. I have two beautiful children and two wonderful grandchildren. Hey, I got started early.

4. My gazebo should be finished this spring. I can watch the animals even when it rains and it rains a lot in North Georgia.

5. I wrote a story about a lost love that was published in a book.

6. I have been published in over one dozen national magazines.

7. I still haven’t decided what to do when I grow up.

Questions about rape

Experts have always insisted that rape was about control, not sexual desire. I don’t believe this. If a man wants control over a woman, there are many ways to accomplish this without committing the act of rape.

The need to feel powerful may be rolled up inside sexual desire, but you better believe that sexual desire is there. I have always thought that any man who rapes a woman does so because he gets off by a woman’s fear.

There are so many twisted minds in society due to the twisted ways in which they were treated by parents and other relatives. A person’s sexual arousal is formed early in life. If a child is sexually molested, he or she will have had these experiences imprinted on his brain. Good or bad, it is there for life, unless he or she gets counseling.

I have often wondered how a man feels once his crime of rape has been revealed to the public. Does he feel shame? Is he embarrassed at all? Does he know that women think he is the most pitiful excuse for a human being? Rape is not needed to control or show power over a female. Rape is committed by men who want something that has been denied them, by men who became aroused while committing another crime or by men who want to humiliate a woman. The last reason is usually caused by the rapist’s mother by the manner in which she raised her son.

Rape begins and ends with parents. Mothers and fathers who respect one another, who teach their children to respect the opposite sex, and who mirror a loving behavior before their children will not raise a rapist. They must also be present, enough so that no one has the opportunity to sexually abuse their children.

Parents control whether adult-rated movies are shown in the presence of their children. They control adult-rated games their children play. Parents have the responsibility to sit and talk with their children, letting them know that all questions about life will be answered seriously.

The great sadness is this: Many parents, poor and wealthy, educated and uneducated, will not take the required time to raise children who grow to be contributing members of society. Some will say to me, “Not all people have the time. They must work too jobs, etc.” I say that children should not be an afterthought. There are ways to accomplish any task. The fact is parents must sacrifice some of their relaxation time and teach their children right from wrong.

Whenever I read in the paper or see on television that a young lady or a child has gone missing, I cry for them. I know that chances are they will be found raped and dead. What parent wants to be known as the mother of a rapist? 

Women who allow their husbands to beat and berate them in front of their children are not only victims, they are also part of the problem. It would be better to take the children and live in a shelter than to allow the children to believe that this is the way that men treat women.

Before you start, I know there are weird circumstances in life and some people who don’t fit neatly in the peg-hole. I am speaking in general and as a whole. For those who do not believe, read the life stories of well-known rapists. See if a pattern does not exist. Who we become depends on who raised us and how they did it

Just don’t try to feed us the bull about rape being a method of control or power over a female. That is done frequently and without a penis, I might add.

This word called hate

As a child, I would often get angry with my older sister and say that I hated her. A wise woman explained to me that Hate was a powerful word. She would quote from the bible, 1John 3:15, “Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer:  ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.” She would then ask if I wanted my sister dead. Of course I didn’t. I just wanted her to leave me the heck alone.

It isn’t any surprise that we hear all manner of people today talking about hate. We even commit another of my great-grandmother’s sins. We attribute an emotional feeling toward inanimate objects and things. We say that we hate a particular food or that we hate doing the laundry. As Ruth would say, “How can you hate broccoli when the broccoli has done nothing to you?” It took me awhile, but I finally understood that I just didn’t like the taste of broccoli.

We say that we hate democrats or republicans, white people or Asian people or the next door neighbors. The truth is, we may not understand their ways or like their politics, but we don’t wish them dead. At least I don’t.

When we become angry with a spouse or a co-worker, we may say that we hate them. This isn’t a true statement. We don’t wish them dead, we would just love to vote them off our island for a while, or maybe forever. My point is this, because the word ‘hate’ is such a powerful word, why waste it on something you just dislike, disapprove of, like less than or on something you have grown tired of, as in tv commercials.

We teach our children to hate when we don’t even hate to begin with. If you disapprove of the lifestyle of your great Uncle Joe, don’t say in front of your children that you hate Uncle Joe. You may disapprove of him, but you don’t wish him dead. Don’t teach your children to hate.

No one on earth wants to hear, “I hate you.” Hate is so powerful. It causes riots, it causes the borderline insane to do crazy things such as to murder innocent children. Hate stirs up the people to go and lynch a person, usually based on false information. Don’t hate. Every time you catch yourself saying, “I hate…,” stop and say, “I didn’t mean that, what I meant to say was, “I dislike…”

We aren’t ever going to totally agree with any other person that walks this earth. The most we can hope for is to get along. Sometimes, that means leaving someone alone. Stop aggravating them. If you always disagree, why are you constantly in their business? You stay on your side and I will stay on mine.

If you find that you truly do hate someone, get help. You need to talk to a counselor. Christ told us no one ever purposefully killed another person without just cause unless he first hated the person. Emotions fuel the engines that run our bodies. You first hate, then hate leads to murder.

There are many organizations, individuals, agencies and philosophies I disagree with, but I don’t wish anyone dead. I firmly believe they should have to live long enough to suffer every misery God has planned for them. Life is the ultimate revenge.