Welcome to my world. I am a person who feels at home in the country. I would feel as if I were imprisoned if I was forced to live in the city, especially a large city. I love the country night sounds: the soft music of crickets, the occasional cicada, a far distant whip-o-will and a neighbor’s dog barking in the valley below me.

It takes my breath away to see the profusion of blooms every spring. There are the cherry trees covered in white or pale pink blossoms and the Bradford pears that become solid white trees, covered in layer upon layer of purest white flowers, making the trees appear to be wearing dresses of gathered lace ruffles.

The forsythia shrubs are so showy with their bright yellow flowers. Everywhere you look there is something blooming, bearing fragrant flowers. Wisteria vines bear tags of purple flowers that remind me of the grapes we grow in the arbor. Spring brings the beautiful birds to the feeder, the chick-a-dee being one of the first.

I watch the Mourning doves build flimsy nests every year, wishing I could help them build sturdier homes for their eggs. The woodpeckers search out holes in the dead trees, while the hummingbird builds high up in the top of our White Pines. My favorite is the house wren. They make so much racket when they call their offspring from the nest to teach them to fly. I always know when it is time for flight school, so I stop what I am doing for a while and watch. It is always fascinating.

I love my home on top of the mountain inside the Cherokee National Forest. I watch the female deer, in a herd of 16 or more, graze in my front yard. They give birth every spring, usually beneath my dew berry bushes. I enjoy watching the raccoons saunter up the driveway at dusk. They act as if they were neighbors coming to call.

I stay busy in the summer working my vegetable and my flower gardens. I enjoy harvesting the big red tomatoes, a variety of lettuce, cucumbers, radishes and peppers for my salads. I pick the green beans, eggplants, turnip greens, strawberries and herbs to make a good country meal. I love seeing my roses, violets, irises and dahlias bloom, sending a fragrance to sweeten the morning air as the petunias scent the evening breeze.WP_000099Photo0193Photo0202Photo0528Photo0390

Autumn is so colorful with the gold leaves on the Sourwood trees, the red leaves on the sumac, the orange leaves on the hardwood trees and the yellow covering the dogwood and the tulip poplars. It feels as if I am living in a postcard, everything is so perfect.

I am fascinated with the wild herbs growing to provide us with medicine that is available to cure every ill. I collect the herbs and dry them, some for medicine and others for seasoning our food. I would love to learn to identify the mushrooms so I can gather the edible ones.

My two children are grown and my two grandchildren are my sweethearts. Family is very important to me. I am very close to my sister, but I also have three younger brothers. Their love of nature drew me closer than I ever thought I would get. Their love of animals gave me insight into the animal world. We all love to build a fire in the fire pit and sit quietly, listening to the logs crackle and the sounds of the coyote calling to his mate.

I believe life should be as simple as we can make it. There is too much drama in the world to allow it to dominate my own life. I like peaceful communication, big hugs and loving parting words. Life may be long, but there is no guarantee. So live life as if today is your last day on earth and the first of one million days. Make each day count in the life of someone else. If you leave nothing else behind after you die, leave sweet memories in the minds and hearts of all people with whom you have ever had contact.

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    • Thanks so much Dennis for visiting my blog. I feel my home is ideal for me. I spend every waking moment outside as weather and work allows. Where I live is so peaceful and quiet and the does come to my yard every spring to give birth. I have almost stepped on a couple of newborn deer, they are camouflaged so well. I love all the animals and plants that surround me. God has been good to me.

  2. Dear Barbara
    Thank you for following my blog. I am so impressed read your about. You have a great blog here. I will spend my time to exploring more your stuff. Have a blessing day 🙂

  3. Barbara: This is a beautiful ‘about’, and a beautiful site you have! I appreciate you visiting mine, and I will be back to visit yours again. 😉 Your home and environment sounds SO perfect … and the way you describe it, it must be. Enjoy, and keep up the wonderful work here! Much love to you! ❤ ~ bryan

    • Thank so much Bryan, for your lovely comment. I don’t suppose any place on our cursed earth is perfect, but I choose to see the things that are perfect in my sight. I do love living here at “the end of the earth,” as my Internet provider reminds me when my service goes out. I hope you will come back when you have time. I know I enjoy your blog very much. I wish you happy living.

  4. Great blog and thanks for coming to mine. I can’t seem to pick up your photos here, did you delete anything from your media gallery? If you delete from there, you take them out of your posts.

    • I haven’t deleted anything from the media gallery, but I will do a check and see if I can find out why you aren’t getting the photos. Thanks for alerting me about this. Hope to have you visit again soon.

  5. Hello Barbara! I look forward to really diving into your blog. Also, thank you for following my blog at Faith1st Ministries. I hope it has and will continue to be a major blessing in your life. May God richly bless you as you continue to write and blog. Please continue with us on this journey and remember to have Faith 1st because the “just shall live by his faith.” — Sebastian

    • Thank you, Brother Sebastian, for stopping by leaving the encouraging message. It is always good to be in fellowship with other Christians. May we continue to uphold one another and stand together in the gap. I know I will learn much from you.

  6. Thank you for liking my post appreciate it allot, make sure to enter my april contest you can leave a comment onto my sunday post abou any of the food i have cooked.have a good day*_*

  7. Thanks for reading my posts and deciding to follow me. I live in a big city – London – and can’t now imagine living anywhere else – so the real opposite of you. Yet I experience so much of what you experience too. We have rows and rows of almonds and cherries that bloom from January through to May; we have wrens that nest in our garden, and doves too. We have a wisteria in our garden, and plums and an apple tree too; and in autumn I have maples and a liquidambar; and we have gardens to walk in, and heathland and parks with deer too; within an easy trip of our flat. So we manage to miss little of what it is to be in the country – if yearn for it we can always visit. I can understand what you like but also need my theatres and art galleries and museums and clubs to make my life enriched.

    • We probably have even more in common. I am from the Plantagenet Family, a descendant of Kings Henry II and George IV. My family use to visit England often, but haven’t in a long while. Where you live sounds like a dream come true. I love gardens of all kind. We live about two hours from a major metropolitan city, but we have the theatre and museums in our little town in the mountains. I don’t much like living in a big city, but I love to visit on occasion.

  8. Thank you for your sweet post Barbara! I’m still figuring this blogging thing out, and unfortunately your comment went to my email instead of being posted on the page. I’ve revised the post so your kind words can be seen by everyone if you choose to repost them.
    Thank you again!
    Happy Holidays,

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