Illegal Mexicans Receive Food Stamps Paid for by Americans

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In the Daily Mail, this article leaps off the page:

A Spanish-language leaflet that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has provided to the Mexican Embassy in Washington advises border-crossing Mexicans that they can collect taxpayer-funded food stamp benefits for their children without admitting that they’re illegal immigrants.

Underlined and in boldface type, the document tells immigrants who are unlawfully in the United States that, ‘You need not divulge information regarding your immigration status in seeking this benefit for your children.’

The USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as food stamps, is funded in order to prevent hunger by helping poor families maintain a basic level of nutrition for both adults and children.

While this may not seem like much to some people, it means that an estimated 15 to 20 million Mexican citizens are living in America, paying no taxes, sending money back to Mexico and claiming their children – most of whom live in Mexico with grandparents – as dependents so they can receive the maximum amount of food stamps allowed under the law.

Who pays for this food? American citizens, who can’t receive food stamps because they make $25 dollars a month too much to qualify, pay for the food stamps.

So, let’s break this down. An American family, where the mother and father both work, but earn just a little over minimum wage, don’t qualify for food stamps. They need help providing for their two children because their wages aren’t enough to pay rent, auto insurance, utilities, clothes for the children, gas for the car and buy food. However, their taxes pay for a family living in America illegally. A man and woman with two children living in America, with six more children living in Mexico, receives food stamps for eight children and themselves. These food stamps were paid for by the young couple with two children, who are American citizens.

I believe in helping your fellow man. I don’t believe Americans should be paying to feed Mexicans while the Americans go without food and struggle to keep a roof over their heads. The Mexicans are working, don’t have to pay taxes, send money to Mexico and will retire to Mexico where American dollars will stretch  further.

Mexicans are pulling a scam with the help of the American government. Americans need to stand up and scream, “This is bullshit and I am not playing this game anymore.” Our government steals our money and spends it however it deems fit. We are crazy for allowing this to happen now that we have become aware.

Nobody wants to talk about the fact that there will soon be more freeloaders than there are workers to support them. Americans have become so burdened with the debt of others that they are just before collapsing. One wonders, ” Will the rats hang on until the last American is dead, or will they jump ship and go home to Mexico?”

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19 thoughts on “Illegal Mexicans Receive Food Stamps Paid for by Americans

  1. Some states — I know California is one — also provide an education to non-resident people (I refuse to call a human person “illegal” regardless of which country s/he’s from). Initially I was against it but I have changed my mind. I think compassion might go a long way, but only time will tell.

    • I suppose we could refer to them as people who did not follow the law of the country they entered, but the meaning would be the same. We can only be just so ‘politically correct’ before we become ridiculous. I believe in charity also. Here is a scenario: A wealthy man adopted every orphan in his town and fed and clothed them well. Others heard of his generosity and sent their orphans to him as well. As time went on, the old man had more children than he had rooms in his house. The money wouldn’t stretch to feed them all. In fact, he ran out of money completely. As much as he loved each child, he could not feed them and he never thought to teach them to feed themselves. The old man had to watch each one die slowly of starvation because no one else would help him feed his children. He meant well, but the result was disastrous. Better planning could have prevented it all. He could have built more homes, hired people to care for the children and teach them how to provide for themselves. What was over and above their own needs, they could have returned to the man so he could continue to provide for more children. Each one helping the next one. But, no child made any effort to work for the common good. Instead, each one was satisfied to receive free food and free rent for life. It was good in the beginning, but nothing lasts forever. Positive changes must be made so that the same charity is available for future generations. The only time a person feels that a descriptor is derogatory is when the descriptor is accurate. If a person rapes another person, he or she is a rapist. Maybe they would prefer to be called a person who takes sex without asking. That does sound a little less harsh. However, the person who was raped doesn’t care what you call the person as long as he is taken where he can’t hurt anyone else. What if a tall white male with a bald head was running through a crowded mall shooting everyone he met and hiding the gun after shooting and the police arrive and ask for a description of the man and are told that “the person was alive,had a hand gun and was walking toward the east door. People refused to describe him because they were afraid of being politically incorrect. Because no one told police to look for a tall, bald-headed white guy in a black jacket, he was able to kill 40 more people in the mall that day. Ridiculous, I know. But we are fast going there with the ‘let’s not offend anyone’ attitude. People have been offended since the first two people inhabited the earth. If feeling offended could kill, I would have died as a young child. Try growing up with flaming red hair and toothpick legs. Everyone said I looked as if Orphan Annie and Olive Oil had a kid. But hey, I’m still here. I get offended and get over it because I am old enough to understand how life works. Thanks for a good discussion. Each of us is entitled to our opinion and world view. That is what makes us individuals. 


      • That man was stupid. There are stupid people in the world. Of course, that man never existed anyway.

        I was bullied through school which is why I went off to college. I wasn’t going to go to the hometown college where the same bullies were.

        I’m not a big politically correct person, but I still don’t believe that people are illegal. Do they do illegal activities, Sure. But humans are not illegal.

      • No one said they were illegal. They are called illegal immigrants because that is their status. I can’t imagine anyone saying, “Hey illegal Jose, how have you been?” You are correct, no one should be called illegal. When referred to as illegal immigrants, it means they did not follow the written law of the US.


      • I don’t need them to be anything. It’s a matter not only of proper English — one’s either an immigrant or one isn’t — but compassion for other people in the world.

      • I am assuming you want to pick and choose for whom you have compassion. You would have no problem calling a child rapist a child rapist. If the status of someone is illegal, it is a position they chose. They did not accidentally fall into the illegal status or were forced at gun point. We changed the terms of referring to the mentally retarded to developmentally disabled. Guess what? Not a single one gained an IQ point the day we changed their status. I understand you have made it your mission to prove your point and call me ignorant and uncaring. I have tried to be civil with you, but you hold too much hate in your heart. I don’t have hate in my heart for anyone. I do believe we all must strive to live by the law, although we are only human and we make mistakes. Without law there is chaos.


  2. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s
    new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back

  3. I never want to see anyone go hungry. But, there are many people in this country also struggling to put food on their family’s table. I do think they deserve to be helped first. If by some chance we have a surplus of food and money – after those who pay into the system and those who are legally in our country are fed (especially the elderly, many who are now forced to choose between purchasing food and paying for their medications) – and we just don’t know what to do with it all, then by all means reach out to anyone and everyone.

    “Since all charity begins at home, it would be the work not of charity but of fatuity to direct the alms of the Realm abroad when the Realm itself is in need of them.” John Wycliffe (1330 – 1384)

    • Charity does begin at home. In fact, I give twice a month to Food for the Poor, Feed the Children, Salvation Army and several other charities. I earn the money, I deserve to say who gets the money I earn. There are Americans going without food. They don’t qualify for the food stamps that they work for that are going to people who can afford to buy their own food. That was my point. The illegal Mexicans can afford to buy their own food. They make enough money to send home and feed the rest of their relatives. Also, we are $16 trillion dollars in debt. If all the countries we feed would pay us with whatever they have in excess, maybe we wouldn’t be in debt. This horse won’t ride forever. It’s legs are buckling now. I bet the Mexicans will find a way to feed themselves when America goes completely under.


      • I agree. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens to so many countries, when we are no longer able to subsidize their lives. I also like your point that if you give money, to a charity, that feeds the poor (where ever they are), you have EARNED that choice because you have EARNED the money!

        Eventually, our country is going to have to make a conscious decision, to take care of itself. We can’t save everyone else who is drowning, if our boat is also going under! Illegal immigration and it’s negative consequences on the economic survivability of the United States is a subject that needs to be addressed, with not just words but actions. Really well written blog that covers a subject that demands immediate attention!


      • It is getting sadder by the day, the condition that the world is in. It seems as if no one has enough common sense in our government anymore. Politicians are too greedy to make the right decisions. We can’t keep going in this direction, to be sure. We need to straighten up our finances. If we don’t, countries like Africa, Haiti and others will have no one to turn to for food. Thanks for reading, commenting and the compliment. You are a blessing to many. Your blog does a great service. Thank you, dear friend.


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