What if God needed a friend?

God the Father 05

God the Father 05 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

This was posted to my Facebook page from Friendship Fortune Cookie:

You have a great friend who is always there when you are down and is always there to listen to your problems. Make sure you treat your friends the same way.

God is my best friend. What would He tell me if He told me about His problems? Would these subjects be mentioned if God just needed to vent? Homosexuality, immorality, adultery, idolatry, greed, stinginess, abortion, deceit and pride…

Would God just need someone to listen to the things He has to put up with? Not that God has to put up with anything, He just does. God doesn’t zap us dead when we disobey because He has hope that we will change and besides, if He zapped people dead every time they disobey, there would be no one left to talk to by the end of the week.

Another reason God doesn’t kill us the second we disobey is because of this scenario: A person tells a lie, God zaps them dead instantly and everyone else obeys out of tremendous fear. They would worship God out of fear also. This isn’t what God wants. Do you want your children to obey you because they saw what happened to Sally when she lied about her bad grade in math?

God is more like us than we realize. We are created in His image, making us similar to Him. All the things we love about life, God loves also. He loves the brilliant sunsets, the fragrance of lilacs after the rain, a walk along the beach with the warmth of the sun on His back and the scent of lemons in the lemonade.

He doesn’t have a physical body, you say? Sure He does, He lives in the body He gave you and the one He gave me. We are intertwined, God and I. He always lives up to His side of the covenant, but I let Him down quite a lot.

If I could God one thing, I would give Him my ears so He could tell me how disappointed He is in all of us. I would listen as He cried in despair when He talked about abortion and the divorce rate. I would lend Him my shoulder to lend on as He spoke about the sorry state of government and the state of churches that are putting their seal of approval on all manner of sin.

You know, I think I can give Him that. I believe I can hear Him talking about these things now and asking me, “Do you feel the pain of all this sin, as I do?” God is asking us, “Are you as disgusted as I am? Are you ready for the new world order that Christ is bringing with Himself?”

Listen. If you get still and listen, you can hear the sadness in the heart of God. Talk with God and share your day, but listen to Him when you have finished. After all, that is what friends do for each other.