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In the news recently, several prominent Christians and a few who are relatively unknown Christians, have apologized for identifying with their Christian faith.

A recent headline screamed, “Forced to Apologize!” Christian business owners were asked to apologize for using hate speech. There was no hate involved. The couple refused to photograph a same-sex marriage. They did offer another photographer to do the job, however. It seems this wasn’t good enough for the activists who wanted to make an issue against Christian beliefs.

I have two issues with the entire scenario: 1. Stand your ground. 2. Who wants a forced apology?

Stand Your Ground:

If you make a statement concerning your religious beliefs, never back away from it. This isn’t making a choice between the chocolate or the strawberry ice-cream, this is your religious foundation. If you believe God and God said homosexuality was an abomination, then it is an abomination as far as Christians are concerned.

If you repeat what God said and the listener gets offended, you didn’t offend anyone, God did. Let God handle it. Whatever you do, do it with conviction and kindness. If you stand by God’s word, then stand by his word. Don’t apologize.

Don’t Apologize :

For my life, I can’t imagine anyone who would accept an apology by a person who had to be forced to give it. My mother would stop the frequent arguing between my sister and me, then force us to apologize to one another. Now, you know just how sincere those apologizes were, don’t you?

Why would the homosexual community want a contrived apology? They don’t. They do want the heterosexual to appear as if he has been dressed down. They want the satisfaction of having made the Christian to debase himself. If all of this seems petty to you, then you are welcome to my petty party.

Make no mistake, I believe every person has a right to her religious beliefs and the right to practice that religion. If my religion forbids the condoning of homosexuality, I will not condone it. Not for the sake of my niece, an uncle or a cousin. They know that I love them and would never hurt them. I don’t preach to them and I ask that they don’t preach to me. I also think that lying, cheating, and stealing are sins because God said they were. I can see how these things hurt other people. It appears to be okay with the activists that Christians see lying, cheating and stealing as sin, but not homosexuality. Why?

If businesses have the right to refuse service to any one, they should have the right to practice their religious beliefs. The very fact that the homosexual couple made the photos such a big issue is proof that trouble was all they wanted in the first place. They were given an alternative and they refused it. The story should be over.

Your feelings may be hurt after reading this post. If they are, God has hurt your feelings. God made the laws, I just try to live by them. Why do some people have a preference for their own sex? I don’t know and homosexuals don’t seem to be able or willing to share this information. If I had to guess, I would say the reasons vary by person. Does this mean I don’t like you if you are a homosexual? No, it doesn’t. If I dislike someone, it is because they are selfish, loud & obnoxious, rude, mean to children and the elderly, and totally inconsiderate.

If you get in my face and tell me I have to approve of homosexuality, chances are I won’t like you. I promise not to get in your face and demand that you become a Christian. I won’t apologize for my religious beliefs.

Desperate People

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Everywhere you look, there are desperate people. You can see it in their faces and hear it in their voices. Desperate to earn a living, to send their kids to school, to pay the rent or the doctor bills. No jobs in America. You know it is bad when illegals decide to go home.

I hear tales of robbery in broad daylight in communities around the nation. This will get increasingly worse as time goes on. People have tried most everything to earn a paycheck. I know of people who are endorsing products they would never buy for their own families because they know the products are worthless.

I don’t think Americans have any real clue as to what hard times really are. Children today can’t imagine life without all the luxuries they enjoy. They think they have a right to these things. If we look at all things God told us not to do and compare this with what America not only allows, but endorses and encourages, it is no mystery why things are falling apart at the seams.

Sinkholes are appearing everywhere. Do you think fracking has anything to do with these giant holes? Man can only do so much to the earth before there are grave consequences. I don’t believe man has affected the weather to the degree that some are trying to sell us on, but we haven’t done the earth much good, either.

If you look for them on Facebook, twitter, blogs and in the marketplace, you can find desperate people. They try to be discreet, but you can see the beginning of panic in the requests they make or the things they post. It breaks your heart to see it.

No one knows how much pain we must endure in the coming years, but one thing holds steady. God said not to fear. If we believe and faint not, he will bring us safely to the other side. The key is to know that you know, that you know God has the answer to all of your problems. There is no room for doubt.

Imagine how God feels when you wring your hands in fear and doubt about how to pay the bills when he has told you he would provide for all your needs?  You might as well say to God, “I know you have the power God, but I still don’t believe you will do what you say you will do.” It isn’t about deserving something. You feed your children whether they have obeyed you or not. You provide them with warmth, comfort, love and security. God wants to do this for all of us. There is only one requirement, we have to believe. We have to go to the bank to deposit the check that we don’t have in our hands yet, but knowing God will provide it.

Some desperate people you just can’t help. They refuse to believe. For those who do, remind them of the love of God. Take that look of desperation off the faces of those you care about. Let them know there is a way to survive the chaos.








What if God needed a friend?

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God the Father 05 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

This was posted to my Facebook page from Friendship Fortune Cookie:

You have a great friend who is always there when you are down and is always there to listen to your problems. Make sure you treat your friends the same way.

God is my best friend. What would He tell me if He told me about His problems? Would these subjects be mentioned if God just needed to vent? Homosexuality, immorality, adultery, idolatry, greed, stinginess, abortion, deceit and pride…

Would God just need someone to listen to the things He has to put up with? Not that God has to put up with anything, He just does. God doesn’t zap us dead when we disobey because He has hope that we will change and besides, if He zapped people dead every time they disobey, there would be no one left to talk to by the end of the week.

Another reason God doesn’t kill us the second we disobey is because of this scenario: A person tells a lie, God zaps them dead instantly and everyone else obeys out of tremendous fear. They would worship God out of fear also. This isn’t what God wants. Do you want your children to obey you because they saw what happened to Sally when she lied about her bad grade in math?

God is more like us than we realize. We are created in His image, making us similar to Him. All the things we love about life, God loves also. He loves the brilliant sunsets, the fragrance of lilacs after the rain, a walk along the beach with the warmth of the sun on His back and the scent of lemons in the lemonade.

He doesn’t have a physical body, you say? Sure He does, He lives in the body He gave you and the one He gave me. We are intertwined, God and I. He always lives up to His side of the covenant, but I let Him down quite a lot.

If I could God one thing, I would give Him my ears so He could tell me how disappointed He is in all of us. I would listen as He cried in despair when He talked about abortion and the divorce rate. I would lend Him my shoulder to lend on as He spoke about the sorry state of government and the state of churches that are putting their seal of approval on all manner of sin.

You know, I think I can give Him that. I believe I can hear Him talking about these things now and asking me, “Do you feel the pain of all this sin, as I do?” God is asking us, “Are you as disgusted as I am? Are you ready for the new world order that Christ is bringing with Himself?”

Listen. If you get still and listen, you can hear the sadness in the heart of God. Talk with God and share your day, but listen to Him when you have finished. After all, that is what friends do for each other.

Do you know me?

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People are such strange creatures. We take forever sizing up a person before we let them into our private lives, if ever. We categorize people as far as who gets to see us do what. The mail carrier probably knows more about us than we would like, but he or she doesn’t get to see us in curlers, nor would we invite him to go fishing with us next weekend, unless he happened to be a close friend to begin with.

We go to church with many different people. We love them. Some of them are close friends, while others are acquaintances. We really wouldn’t want those we aren’t close with to just pop over to our homes after church. Maybe we left everything a mess. Maybe we were hoping to change from church clothes into really comfy clothes (read, no bra). Maybe the reason we aren’t close friends is because we have heard their views on life and we know we have too many differences to overcome.

We’ve seen certain people every week for years, at the drug store, the gas station, the post office or video store. We know each other by first name. We’ve shared personal information about ourselves and the lives we live. We have laughed together, cried together when their dog died after 25 years, and shared valuable information that has helped them and us. Still, do we send them an invitation to our daughter’s wedding or our son’s graduation?

Everyone on planet Earth has done the close friend, mere acquaintance, beloved family member and barely know their first name, dance.  They have heard our good news. We’ve won the lottery. They all believe themselves to be our very best friends. Surely, we will share – quite a bit, actually – with every person we have ever known and thousands we did not know existed.

We may not know ourselves as well as we think. We may believe we would willingly give ten percent to the church, ten percent to charity and several thousands to people we know who could use a friendly hand out. No matter how well we think we know ourselves, God knows us better.

Maybe we don’t win the lottery because God knows it would cause heartache when we learned our favorite brother was expecting more than the piddling amount of $200,000 we gave him and he no longer wants to associate with us. He feels slighted. God knows that our parents would be hurt that we did not send at least $25,000 to each family member back in Italy – France – Mexico – Poland – Iran, etc.

You know more about me than many people I see in person. Still, there are things you don’t yet know:

  1. I am the most forgiving person you will ever meet. Just ask for forgiveness and you are forgiven.
  2. If I have only enough bread and meat for one sandwich, I will give the sandwich to you and say, “I am not hungry.”
  3. I believe we are living in the last days of the Age of Grace. Soon, God will remove Grace from the face of the earth.
  4. My feelings can be easily hurt, but I will never let you know that you hurt my feelings. Maybe it was not intentional.
  5. If you buy a present for me that does not fit, is not a color I like, I can’t use or isn’t something I would hang on my wall, you will never know. If you bought or made a gift for me, you thought of me. That is enough.
  6. If we disagree on politics or religion or both, I won’t argue with you about these things. We just won’t bring up the subject. I don’t want to argue. Life is too short.
  7. Don’t hurt my family. I would die for them. That should tell you how unpleasant your life would be if you hurt them.
  8. I believe in romance. I believe you can be married one year or fifty, but the romance can be as strong as it was the first day you met.
  9. I believe divorce is often unavoidable, but it is not a part of God’s perfect plan. God knew how difficult it would be for children. He does not want the children hurt by divorce. However, sometimes divorce is needed to save the children from the abusive parent.
  10. I cry when people dump cats and dogs as if they were unfeeling insects. They love you. They thought they were loved by you. They are as innocent and as helpless as small children. If you can’t take care of them, take them to a shelter.
  11. You don’t have to like me, but don’t pretend that you do. I would rather have one true friend than five hundred people who say they are friends with me, yet treat me as if my time and thoughts were nothing to consider.
  12. We can disagree on a matter and still be friendly toward each other. Heck, no two people ever agreed 100% of the time on 100% of things. Life would be boring if we all thought alike and acted alike.
  13. I am not superstitious. I don’t care that you sent me an email about acknowledging Jesus and receiving a blessing when I forward it to 12 people. God doesn’t work that way. Do you really believe God will punish you for not forwarding an email? He won’t rain down blessings because you do, either. That is just phishing. Someone wants your email address to sell you something
  14. I am old fashioned. I love being a woman. I love the role God gave me. I don’t want to be just like the men. I understand there are some things women aren’t suited for. There are many things men aren’t suited for. I do believe both sexes are intelligent. Both should be paid the same if both jobs are the same and both do the same amount of work.
  15. I may not ever get to meet you in person, but I love you. When you hurt, I hurt. When you rejoice, I rejoice. If I hurt you in any way, let me know. I want a chance to say I am sorry.

Do you know me? Not yet, but you are beginning to know me better. I hope you continue on this life journey with me. Who knows what we may discover together.