Unintended consequences

Robertson Nature Reserve

Robertson Nature Reserve (Photo credit: Poytr)

When we are brazen enough to open doors that should be left closed, we must be prepared to deal with unintended consequences. There have been a few of these lately.

When passing hate crime bills, making it a punishable offense to state your religious beliefs, we have created an avenue by which even those who advocated for the law are caught up in eventually.

When the star of Duck Dynasty was asked about his thoughts on homosexuality, this is what he said:

Everything is blurred on what’s right and what’s wrong. Sin becomes
fine,” he later added. “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph
out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that
woman and that woman and those men. Don’t be deceived. Neither the
adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual
offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers —
they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not

This is what was said about his comments:

Robertson’s anti-gay comments did not sit well with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) advocates. GLAAD called his comments some of “the vilest and most extreme” uttered against the LGBT community, “littered with outdated stereotypes and blatant misinformation.”

Here is a bit of wisdom from the bible: God said homosexuality was a sin. Christians don’t get to make the rules, we just have to live by them. If his comments were outdated, when did God add an addendum to the bible? What the hell was stereotyped? What did he say? That all gays were homosexual? Maybe, it was that all Lesbians were homosexual? Were they ‘typed’ as sinners? Guess what, the bible says they are sinners. Those who commit adultery or have sex outside of marriage are as well.

Here it the part that those who pushed for the hate crime bill will be hit with eventually. If it is illegal to say that homosexuality is a sin, it will be just as illegal to tell a Christian he has to accept homosexuality as just business as usual.

When we opened the door to same sex marriage, we opened it wide enough for polygamist to walk through. Also, one man can be married to another man and a woman. One woman can be married to another woman and one husband. Next, we will have the men who want to marry children.

Why have any rules of conduct, any moral compass or any laws? Let us do away with them all. It won’t bother me, I won’t be here when that happens. Right at the moment, I can’t think of any reason why it should bother me that millions will be left here to deal with it. The church will be gone, which is what many desire anyway.

The only ones left to live in total lawlessness will be the ones who deserve to live that way. Why do Christians care how much pain and suffering will be left behind? Because we do care. We care about the pain and suffering of others.

Christians don’t believe they are better than, smarter than, more morally upright than others. We know for a fact that we are the same. The only difference is this: We have recognized our sins as sin and work hard to stay out of temptations way. Even so, we still slip. We confess the sin, God forgives the sin and we start all over again. No, we don’t lose our salvation when we sin, we lose our good fellowship with God when we sin.

There is no hate in a Christian. If you find one with hate in him, he is a liar. He says he is a Christian, but he isn’t. Hate can’t live in a true Christian. Now understand this. I don’t care if you are a guy who likes guys. I stay out of your business. Even so, if you ask me if homosexuality is a sin, I won’t lie to keep from hurting your feelings. So, I ask you not to bait me the way Mr. Robertson was baited.

Mr.  Robertson doesn’t need television. He has made his millions. Does anyone really think that he cares about being on a reality show? He lives his life, he doesn’t act. No matter how you spin life, the truth is the truth is the truth. One thing Mr. Robertson tried to say nicely was this, ‘what comes out of an anus versus what comes out of a woman’s womb?’

It isn’t news to the gay community that Christians believe in the Holy Bible. I think it is more than a bit pretentious to act as if it is something some of us just invented to make life difficult for them.


They can’t see what they can’t see

New Form of Color Blindness discovered

New Form of Color Blindness discovered (Photo credit: onkel_wart (thomas lieser))

X-linked recessive inheritance: Affected boys ...

X-linked recessive inheritance: Affected boys may inherit a deletion or mutation of the STS gene from their mothers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I grew up in a home where my dad saw no colors and my mother was limited in the colors she could see. My mother’s dad was also totally colorblind. My three younger brothers all have a form of colorblindness. My sister and I can see colors in the red spectrum. Deb can remember the colors that she sees, I can’t.

I give this background information to make a point about people in the last days who won’t be able to see the truth no matter how long and hard they look because God said he would make it impossible for them to see. People will tell me, “Why can’t they see the truth? It is as plain and simple as it can be.”

Yes, it should be plain and simple. However, when God makes you blind, He doesn’t make you a little blind such that you can see a little bit of truth. Totally blind means totally blind.

When I met my future husband, it didn’t take him long to figure out that I had issues with color. In the beginning, he tried to teach me the colors, as if it were as simple as just learning the names of the crayons. As time went on, I dressed my babies in mostly browns and my husband got over trying to teach me to see colors.

When my children got older, both tried to teach me my colors. Eventually, they gave up, thank the Lord. Those were some frustrating years, I want you to know. They grew up and left home and decorated their own houses. When they visit, they tend to forget I can’t see all colors.

My daughter, son-in-law and I were taking a walk through my flower garden this summer. Suddenly, my daughter exclaimed,” Wow! What is that?”

“What? Where?” I looked in the direction she was looking, but I saw nothing unusual.

“There. That small tree with the greenest leaves I’ve ever seen.” Brandi pointed.

I was looking as hard as I could, trying to see what she was seeing, but I had no clue. “Don’t see it?” Brandi asked again.

“No. Sorry. I’m still colorblind. I still don’t have any color memory.”

“Oh, I forgot.” Brandi walked me to the shrub in question.

No matter how hard they tried, no one in my family could help me see what I couldn’t see. Maybe this is why I have a better understanding about why the lost can’t see that the things happening today that God predicted so long ago. They can’t understand what they read in the bible, nor can they look at what is happening in our world today and say, “Hey, these must be the end-time days God spoke about.”

You just can’t make the blind see by telling them to look. They can look all day long and still not see what is plain as the nose on your face.

Forced to apologize

At the end of my road

At a crossroad, following the right path for you.

In the news recently, several prominent Christians and a few who are relatively unknown Christians, have apologized for identifying with their Christian faith.

A recent headline screamed, “Forced to Apologize!” Christian business owners were asked to apologize for using hate speech. There was no hate involved. The couple refused to photograph a same-sex marriage. They did offer another photographer to do the job, however. It seems this wasn’t good enough for the activists who wanted to make an issue against Christian beliefs.

I have two issues with the entire scenario: 1. Stand your ground. 2. Who wants a forced apology?

Stand Your Ground:

If you make a statement concerning your religious beliefs, never back away from it. This isn’t making a choice between the chocolate or the strawberry ice-cream, this is your religious foundation. If you believe God and God said homosexuality was an abomination, then it is an abomination as far as Christians are concerned.

If you repeat what God said and the listener gets offended, you didn’t offend anyone, God did. Let God handle it. Whatever you do, do it with conviction and kindness. If you stand by God’s word, then stand by his word. Don’t apologize.

Don’t Apologize :

For my life, I can’t imagine anyone who would accept an apology by a person who had to be forced to give it. My mother would stop the frequent arguing between my sister and me, then force us to apologize to one another. Now, you know just how sincere those apologizes were, don’t you?

Why would the homosexual community want a contrived apology? They don’t. They do want the heterosexual to appear as if he has been dressed down. They want the satisfaction of having made the Christian to debase himself. If all of this seems petty to you, then you are welcome to my petty party.

Make no mistake, I believe every person has a right to her religious beliefs and the right to practice that religion. If my religion forbids the condoning of homosexuality, I will not condone it. Not for the sake of my niece, an uncle or a cousin. They know that I love them and would never hurt them. I don’t preach to them and I ask that they don’t preach to me. I also think that lying, cheating, and stealing are sins because God said they were. I can see how these things hurt other people. It appears to be okay with the activists that Christians see lying, cheating and stealing as sin, but not homosexuality. Why?

If businesses have the right to refuse service to any one, they should have the right to practice their religious beliefs. The very fact that the homosexual couple made the photos such a big issue is proof that trouble was all they wanted in the first place. They were given an alternative and they refused it. The story should be over.

Your feelings may be hurt after reading this post. If they are, God has hurt your feelings. God made the laws, I just try to live by them. Why do some people have a preference for their own sex? I don’t know and homosexuals don’t seem to be able or willing to share this information. If I had to guess, I would say the reasons vary by person. Does this mean I don’t like you if you are a homosexual? No, it doesn’t. If I dislike someone, it is because they are selfish, loud & obnoxious, rude, mean to children and the elderly, and totally inconsiderate.

If you get in my face and tell me I have to approve of homosexuality, chances are I won’t like you. I promise not to get in your face and demand that you become a Christian. I won’t apologize for my religious beliefs.

The truth behind the criminal element

English: Resurrection of Christ

English: Resurrection of Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Micah Exhorts the Israelites to Repen...

English: Micah Exhorts the Israelites to Repent (Micah 7:1-20) Русский: Пророк Михей говорит Израильтянам об их беззакониях (Михей 7:1-20) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Criminal Mind (after Sydney), 1897 F

The Criminal Mind (after Sydney), 1897 F (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ

Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Romans 1:28, “…God gave them over to a reprobate mind.” God will give every man at least one opportunity to repent and accept Christ as personal Lord and savior. Some, he will give two or three and others, still, he will give a multitude of opportunities. No one knows how many opportunities he may have in his lifetime. One thing is for sure, when God decides that you will not repent, no matter how many opportunities he gives, he will give you over to a reprobate mind.

In case there are a few who can’t recall the definition of reprobate, it means depraved. Indifferent, depraved minds that sit inside human beings are left to do whatever things entertain their Godless lives. With God, man is filthy, unworthy and sinful. Without God, man is left with the base desires of his evil imagination with nothing left inside himself to pull back or reign in his animal lusts.

2Corinthians 13:5, “…Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?” Without Christ inside you, you are depraved. When you hear of mothers poisoning their children, fathers burning them alive, dirty old men raping babies, kidnapping young girls to keep as slaves, or any depraved act by man, know this: that person is depraved. He/she has been given over to a reprobate mind.

There is no hope for a reprobate. He will be given no more opportunities to confess, repent, accept Christ and go to an eternal reward. His destination is sealed. When you wonder why people can do the horrible things they do, it is because they are wholly given over to Satan to do with as he chooses.

It is no mystery. God will not beg man to accept the ransom paid on his behalf. Refuse the Grace of God and become the animal man is without the Grace of God.

When people ask you, “How could she have done that to her children? Why did he kill his little babies? What makes a pedophile do the things he does?” Be ready to answer, “God gave them over to a reprobate mind.”

There are probably millions of reprobates in the world with us tonight. We can’t tell them from anyone else until they do something horrendous. Therefore, let us all be on guard. Watch our children. Trust no one with their innocence or their lives. We are responsible for the safety of our children.





Desperate People

God the Father 01

God the Father 01 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

God the Father 21

God the Father 21 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

Everywhere you look, there are desperate people. You can see it in their faces and hear it in their voices. Desperate to earn a living, to send their kids to school, to pay the rent or the doctor bills. No jobs in America. You know it is bad when illegals decide to go home.

I hear tales of robbery in broad daylight in communities around the nation. This will get increasingly worse as time goes on. People have tried most everything to earn a paycheck. I know of people who are endorsing products they would never buy for their own families because they know the products are worthless.

I don’t think Americans have any real clue as to what hard times really are. Children today can’t imagine life without all the luxuries they enjoy. They think they have a right to these things. If we look at all things God told us not to do and compare this with what America not only allows, but endorses and encourages, it is no mystery why things are falling apart at the seams.

Sinkholes are appearing everywhere. Do you think fracking has anything to do with these giant holes? Man can only do so much to the earth before there are grave consequences. I don’t believe man has affected the weather to the degree that some are trying to sell us on, but we haven’t done the earth much good, either.

If you look for them on Facebook, twitter, blogs and in the marketplace, you can find desperate people. They try to be discreet, but you can see the beginning of panic in the requests they make or the things they post. It breaks your heart to see it.

No one knows how much pain we must endure in the coming years, but one thing holds steady. God said not to fear. If we believe and faint not, he will bring us safely to the other side. The key is to know that you know, that you know God has the answer to all of your problems. There is no room for doubt.

Imagine how God feels when you wring your hands in fear and doubt about how to pay the bills when he has told you he would provide for all your needs?  You might as well say to God, “I know you have the power God, but I still don’t believe you will do what you say you will do.” It isn’t about deserving something. You feed your children whether they have obeyed you or not. You provide them with warmth, comfort, love and security. God wants to do this for all of us. There is only one requirement, we have to believe. We have to go to the bank to deposit the check that we don’t have in our hands yet, but knowing God will provide it.

Some desperate people you just can’t help. They refuse to believe. For those who do, remind them of the love of God. Take that look of desperation off the faces of those you care about. Let them know there is a way to survive the chaos.








Where the Wild Things Grow

English: Wildflowers, Walberswick. Between the...

English: Wildflowers, Walberswick. Between the village of Walberswick and the sea, wild flowers grow abundantly. Ox-eye daisies are the most numerous of those shown here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Blue Wild Petunia (Ruellia caroliniensis) flow...

Blue Wild Petunia (Ruellia caroliniensis) flower in Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


honeysuckle (Photo credit: Lucyme)

Honeysuckle Too

Honeysuckle Too (Photo credit: garryknight)

English: Close up of honeysuckle.

English: Close up of honeysuckle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Honeysuckle growing wild in the hedgerow.

English: Honeysuckle growing wild in the hedgerow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sun beats down, a cool breeze blows and I spot a splash of color along the fence row. Walking closer to uncover the mystery, my eyes focus on a wild flower I’ve never seen before. The flower is very small and stands alone, with no other flowers in her family to keep her company. How does one lone flower exist beneath the twisted and entwined vines of honeysuckle, blackberry and wild rose? Did a bird fly over and deposit that one seed? What made it fight its way to the sunlight, here, where the wild things grow?

No one planted the honeysuckle or the blackberry. The wild rose has existed so long that no one can remember a time when they didn’t grow along the fence, blooming in early spring to scent the country air. Nobody tends or cares for the wild things, yet they flourish. Any country girl can tell you how the wild honeysuckle sweetens the night air on a summer’s early night and how the wild rose delivers a delight to the nose on a summer’s early morning.

No one can explain how the wild things came to be outside of a loving God. Imagine God planning every detail of man’s existence on this earth. He didn’t have to give us all the extras that bring us such joy. We would never have known anything was missing if God had left the wild things out of our world. But love, in great degree, compelled God to share with us all things He had ever imagined – all the things that made Him smile. “I wonder how many will notice the wild things. How many will appreciate the fragrance of the wild rose? Will they find joy in the honeysuckle, a plant they don’t have to toil over?”

How often do you go where the wild things grow?

If You Couldn’t Find God Today, He was at my House


Blackberries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two berries of the Rubus genus. The red one to...

Two berries of the Rubus genus. The red one to the left is Rubus idaeus, which is commonly known as raspberry. Its length is approximately 26 mm (only the fruit part) and it measures about 18 mm at its widest diameter. The black berry to the right is Rubus fruticosus – the common blackberry – with a length of 33 mm and a maximum diameter of 17 mm. Both berries are food used by Homo sapiens sapiens and are therefore cultivated. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Apples on an apple-tree. Ukraine. Рус...

English: Apples on an apple-tree. Ukraine. Русский: Яблоня со спелыми плодами. Украина. Latina: Malus domestica (Borkh., 1803) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Few people would recognize perfect if it slapped them in the face to get their attention and showed them photo after photo of itself.  Fewer still, are the moments of perfection. However, I recognized this illusive creature today. Having recognized perfection, I realized that God was very near.

My husband and I took a ride on the Artic Cat tonight at 8:30 to a huge stand of blackberry bushes growing along a fence row at the end of our road. With my bucket in hand, we picked the large sweet berries as the lightening bugs put on a show around us. So magical were the small bugs that I stopped picking several times just to watch the show.

Now, God didn’t have to give us small, harmless bugs with super bright lights in their butts to light up the night sky in June and July every year, here in the south, but He did. Why did he? Was he as amused at the idea of a bug who called for a mate by turning on his butt light as we are? I have to believe that He is. In fact, I know that God was watching with us as we, like children, oohed and aawed over the beauty and magic that filled the night. It is a phenomenon that can’t be expressed with words.

We filled the bucket, got back onto the four-wheeler and drove to another location. The sparkles of light were everywhere around us. We found an apple tree loaded with apples ready to be picked. We filled our bag with apples and drove on. There were bushes completely covered in white balls of blooms. The mountainside appeared to be covered in snow.

The sunset was red, orange and amber. A cool breeze blew across my face. My thought was, “This is a perfect summer night.”

What is perfection? It is whatever you believe it to be. For me, when all or many of the things I love come together all at once, I see perfection. Others might find fault with my perfection. I may see nothing perfect in your idea of perfection. The main thing is to recognize when a perfect moment, hour of day or successive hours, comes together. Drink it in. Commit it to memory. It won’t happen too often and in fact, may never happen for you again.

Perfection is fleeting. We live in a cursed world that is crumbling. We have no right to expect much. But, when things come together to give you all the elements that give you joy or peace, recognize that perfection is taking place. God is always in the midst of perfection. There is no perfection without Him.

My idea of a perfect summer night: The grass and low sky is lit up with dancing lightening bugs, A cool breeze is blowing while I drink the fragrance of honeysuckles and petunias. There are so many black, sweet berries that a two-gallon pail is filled withing ten minutes. I have no urgent tasks to complete. I am free to enjoy every minute.

I am praying that each of you find a moment of perfection this summer. Remember, it may be fleeting, but it will be glorious.

A Drunk Driver’s Legacy: Final chapter

Orthopedic implants to repair fractures to the...

Orthopedic implants to repair fractures to the radius and ulna. Note the visible break in the ulna. (right forearm) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Using underarm crutches. Español: Cam...

English: Using underarm crutches. Español: Caminando con dos muletas de aluminio. Polski: Osoba z dwiema kulami pachowymi. Svenska: Kryckor av aluminium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The day finally came when the doctor had no choice but to tell me the truth. “Your ankle was operated on to remove shards of bone. You have a large metal screw holding the two halves of the major bone together. Your foot was snapped back on top of itself, pulling all of the ligaments and tendons apart. I’m sorry. You will never walk on your left foot again.” I sat in my wheelchair and sobbed.

When my mother-in-law dropped me off at my apartment, I had already made up my mind that I was going to walk again,unassisted. I tried using the crutches the doctor had prescribed, putting just a little bit of weight on my left foot. The pain was so great that it nauseated me. I had to lie down and wait for the worst of the pain to wear off.

Every day, after my husband left for work, I would practice walking with the crutches, not putting any weight on my left foot. Even this was difficult and painful due to the damage done to my right arm. Using the crutches hurt. After a few days, I went back to practicing without the crutches. I would stand next to a wall and put a little weight on my foot. It was good that I was home alone because I could scream as much as I needed to without disturbing anyone.

I had a little extra time before the baby was due. I had four hormone shots to prevent a miscarriage while I was in Intensive Care. Each shot delayed the birth by a week to ten days. I was able to walk with one crutch as a stabilizer the day before my check up with the orthopedic surgeon.

I remember sitting in the waiting room at the Hattiesburg  Clinic, giving myself a pep talk before they called my name. I used the crutch to talk every agonizing step down the hall to the doctor. He was seated on a stool, expecting me to be in the wheelchair. I left the crutch at the door and took ten of the most painful steps in my life. I collapsed into the doctor’s arms, exhausted. We both cried as he held me. “It isn’t possible,” the doctor repeated over and over.

It wasn’t possible, but God allowed it to happen in spite of the damage. It was three years before my gait resembled anything close to a normal walk. The pain is ever with me. Some days, my ankle won’t cooperate and I have to use a crutch, but I know it is only temporary.

I’ve had to have surgery on my neck because all seven discs were ruptured. The pain shoots down my shoulders, making sleeping difficult. I live with a ruptured disc in my lower back, as well. I have to be constantly aware of what I pick up, how I pick it up and how I carry it. Otherwise, I will be suffering when the internal swelling presses on my spinal cord.

There were three miracles allowed me by God after the accident. The first one: I lived. The doctors were amazed that I lived at all. Someone with my injuries usually doesn’t make it. The second miracle: I carried my unborn child and gave birth to her after 30 minutes of hard labor. The third miracle: I have been walking since nine months after the accident. The screw was removed from my ankle a few years ago. The metal sleeve is still in my right arm. I have two metal bars in my neck. I currently get steroid injections in my neck and lower back to help ease the pain. My legs never regained the lost muscle. I will always be the woman with the skinny legs.

The drunk driver lived a lonely life, in and out of jail for drunk driving over the years. Finally, one day, he took his own life. I don’t know what his demons were. I’ll never know what finally drove him over the edge. Maybe, he just couldn’t forgive himself for causing so many people so much pain. I forgave him, but no amount of forgiveness could take back the pain he caused. What did he leave behind? What was his legacy?

Larry left no immediate family, just sisters who had grown tired of his drinking and driving. He left behind a woman who has been in pain since the day of the accident.

Not all victims of a drunk driver die. There are those of us who live with constant pain. Those of us who wonder for the rest of our lives, “What if I had left fifteen minutes earlier or ten minutes later that day?” “What if?”

In spite of everything, I have much to be happy about. I have been blessed and I don’t sit around feeling sorry for myself. I continue to push myself day by day, accomplishing as much each day as I possibly can. You don’t let the freak things, the bad, unlucky, and sour days define who you are. They are just days that need a do-over. So, get up and try again. Do it over again, if you need to. There is joy in every day, but you have to be looking for it.



A Bouquet of Awards


Love (Photo credit: praram)














To win any award is a high honor for me. To win a bouquet of awards is beyond measure. I am very grateful to Chant D’Oasien for this bouquet of awards. He is one of my newest friends and has a blog that is totally different and very interesting. I am also learning a little French each time I visit him. Please, check out his blog. He has a beautiful motto concerning life.

The rules are: 1-Visit and thank the one who gave you the / distinctions. 2-Appoint 10 bloggers. 3-Copy and paste on your blog awards 4.-Answer questions.

QUESTIONS: 1-What is the meaning of life for you? My life means that God foresaw me and found value in me and created me to fulfill my purpose on earth. I am here to uplift, encourage, pray for and love my fellow man. Yes, I know, I fail miserably at times. Still, that is my purpose, so I try again tomorrow.

2What is happiness? Happiness is fleeting. It can be a day with my family enjoying something new or gathered around a campfire talking about sweet memories. Joy, however, is an everyday emotion.

3 Why did you create this blog? I wanted to connect with people around the world.

4 – What is the most important in your life: Love or fame? Love is the most important thing to me.

5-What is the thing you like about blogging? Writing allows me to express myself and learn so much about others and how we are so much alike, no matter how different we are.

6-What is the best decision you made? I have made many decisions that have affected my life. I would say the best one was the one that led to my two beautiful children.

7-Do you think unconditional love really exist in a relationship? Love, by meaning, is unconditional. If a person places conditions on his or her love, it isn’t love.

8-Do you believe in Karma? If yes then what is the good and the bad karma to you? Karma is about the same as good or bad luck. Whatever happens to a person in life are the consequences of his own actions. We make our own karma or luck by the life we live.

9-Do you believe in rebirth or life after death? If yes, then why? I am a child of Jehovah God. When I die, I will rest until Jesus comes in the sky and calls me forth to live again in my glorified body with him and all those who have believed in him.

10 – What is the best time of your life? I believe now is the best time of my life. I am free to do what I please.

My choices for the bouquet of awards are:











God’s Green Earth: Nothing can grow unless it is first buried.

Butterfly feeding from butterfly bush

Butterfly feeding from butterfly bush (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nothing can grow unless it is first buried. Stop and think about this for a second.

I feel so close to God when I am gardening. Life began in a garden and God so loved to talk with his created there. I love the scripture in Genesis where God walked with man in the cool of the day. Can you imagine?

Actually, we can have this same experience. God and I talk as I plant, weed, harvest and just appreciate the beauty of my roses, gardenia bushes, hydrangea and multitude of other flowers. I tell Him how fascinated I still am at the miracle of a tree inside a tiny seed.

Nothing can grow unless it is first buried. The beans can’t grow until you dig the earth and bury the seed. Sometimes, God uses the birds to drop the seed. Other times, He uses the animals who eat the berries and nuts, then redeposit them through their dung. Doesn’t sound too appetizing, I know, but wonderful fruits grow from the waste of animals.

It may take decades, but a 100-year-old Live oak began as a buried acorn. The cycle repeats itself over and over, all over the world. What about you? Are you growing?

What do you need to bury in order that you might grow? Are you still angry because you won’t let go of the injustice of a husband who cheated on you? Are you still hurt that your parents beat you as a child? Does anger still well up inside you every time you are reminded that your sister was the favorite and inherited all of mom and dad’s wealth? What are you still angry about?

Whatever your hurt or the injustice of your situation, you will not grow until you bury the feelings that are strangling you. Do not misunderstand. I don’t mean that you should bury those feelings inside yourself.  Never do that. Take those emotions out and have a good look at them. Have they ever made you feel good about yourself? Have you been able to move on in life despite these emotions? How do you bury them?

Accept that the past happened. You were helpless at the time. We live in a cursed world that will never be perfect, just or honorable. You can’t undo the mistakes you made or change the way you grew up. What you can do is decide what kind of person you want to be, where you want to go in life and how you want to treat others. When you look at the past hurts, examine them well.

Go ahead and think about what happened, how you felt and what resulted. If you need to, go to the person who hurt you and let them know how much you were hurt by their actions. Forgive them. No, forgiveness does not mean it was ok for them to do what they did. It means you are taking away  their power to hurt you further. If it were a game of checkers, you would call it a draw.

With all the pain and ugliness before you, go outside and dig a hole. How deeply you dig depends upon how much hurt you need to bury. When the hole is ready, pick up a handful of soil and say, “God, I am burying my anger today so I can grow. Throw the soil into the hole. Pick up another handful and say, “God, today I am burying the fear and control that the person(s) has had on my life.” Throw the soil into the hole.

When the hole is half-full with soil, plant a shrub, bush or tree and finish burying your pain, stress, shyness, etc. If you would rather plant a seed, wait until all the soil has been returned to the hole and place the seed inside your thumb print in the soil and cover it. Water those dead emotions until something beautiful begins to grow.

You can’t drag the pain of the past forward in life and expect to grow. Visit your tree or plant and note how well it grows. That buried seed or roots of a plant represents you. You are now free to move forward and grow in your relationships.

Remember, holding on to the anger, bitterness, stress, anguish and/or fear will not allow you to become who you can be. It was wrong what they did to you. They should have to pay, you say. They are paying, whether they are aware of it or not. If they don’t pay today, they will pay tomorrow. God promised that the unjust will not go unpunished.

Now, walk in your garden in the cool of the day and have a talk with your creator. Let Him put His arm around you as the two of you admire how much you have grown.

If you don’t believe in the creator God, I pray you do believe in something. I can’t imagine not having someone to talk to about all that I am feeling. I suppose you can still bury your pain and grow, no matter what you believe in. Let go and live. It is what you do with your life that God will hold you responsible for, not what someone did in your past.

Happy gardening everyone. I love you. I hope to meet each of you in God’s new garden of Eden one day.