JFK: The day the world ended

English: Aerial view of the port and city of M...

English: Aerial view of the port and city of Mobile, Alabama, USA. The view is from the harbor on Mobile Bay to the northwest over the central area of the city. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Montage of sights in Mobile, Alabama.

English: Montage of sights in Mobile, Alabama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was in third grade and more than a month away from turning eight. I will always remember the day John Kennedy was shot.

My class had just returned to the classroom after having participating in a bomb drill. Attending school in Mobile, Alabama had it perks. We actually had bomb shelters on the school grounds. Usually, the class would remain where we were, squat beside our desks, place our arms over our heads and pray. It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized protecting my head during an atomic bomb was ludicrous. Had I known the reason for the drills, I would have run out into the midst of the bomb. I really don’t relish the thought of living through one.

As my class settled in and returned to work, there was an announcement over the PA system that our President had been shot and killed. My teacher immediately began to cry. When she had composed herself, she dismissed the entire class. I was terrified. I just wanted to find my sister who attending the same school in the fourth grade.

As my sister and I walked home from school, we tried to console each other. We thought the world had ended, just like our great-grandmother had taught us would happen.

As it turned out, the world had ended, just not like we had been taught in the bible. Innocence had died by the hands of those who shot our president.

15 thoughts on “JFK: The day the world ended

    • So, my friend, you have a clean slate when it comes to politics before JFK. I was too young to appreciate what had happened to our place in the sun, but I know now that nothing has been the same since.

      • Yes, I might say since I was born in 64, I was asleep for awhile. I can say in my OPINION I have awakened since 2000…my oldest went to the military and I now metro my eyes open to the world. Scarier & scarier every day. :o)

      • You are so welcome. I, as a mother, know your apprehension. I have written their names where I can remember to pray. Please thank them from the bottom of my heart. God bless.

      • You may not believe me, Donna, but the Lord laid it on my heart that James was not saved. I prayed for his salvation tonight. I will continue to do so until you let me know he has accepted Christ. You are my sister in Christ. Therefore, you are family. Much love to you.

      • Thank you! I do believe you! I know in my heart he is Gods! I know in my heart he will do great things for the Lord. I believe there is a fight for his soul. I take every opportunity to interject our Father into conversations. God is working! Keep looking. I will post a story this week about yet one more thing that happened two weeks ago. God is working. Again thank you for making my night!

      • I enjoy finding other Christians and knowing we have a huge brotherhood. I ask God many years ago to lay a burden on my heart for all children. He has – children of all ages. Many people don’t believe that God still speaks to us, that is why I am cautious. But, as I was praying for all three to return home safely, God told me that there was something more important than their safe return to you and your husband. So, I asked God to bring them all to salvation. God put the name of James on my tongue. This also tells me that God already has a plan to do that. I trust Him to do that. Would you mind saying a prayer for my son Micheal and grandson Allen? They tell me they received salvation, but I can’t get them to church. If you would, just ask that His will be done. I look forward to reading your posts and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

      • Yes I will. I would be honored to I KNOW God still speaks within us…we just have to speak to Him and pray and He will! Soooooooo glad to really meet you Barbara.

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