Help, I’m lost in Macy’s and I can’t get out – Updated

Reblogging for a friend and praying they find Helen.


Please see updates below

It was about a year ago that I took my mother shopping for what is now our infamous trip to Macy’s. We had a family vacation planned and she wanted to purchase some new clothing for the trip. (Disclaimer: She used to love to shop; I loathing shopping.) The issue came down to three factors:

  1. We needed to enter the store closest to the women’s department due to her lack of stamina.
  2. She had never wandered away from me in a public place.
  3. All the handicapped parking spaces were taken.

I parked about three rows back, left instructions for my mother to wait directly inside the doors for me, and darted immediately into the store.

Unease crawled over my body and stuck to me like honey bees finding an open jar of molasses.

I learned some important things that day. First, many stores have a security code…

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