They can’t see what they can’t see

New Form of Color Blindness discovered

New Form of Color Blindness discovered (Photo credit: onkel_wart (thomas lieser))

X-linked recessive inheritance: Affected boys ...

X-linked recessive inheritance: Affected boys may inherit a deletion or mutation of the STS gene from their mothers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I grew up in a home where my dad saw no colors and my mother was limited in the colors she could see. My mother’s dad was also totally colorblind. My three younger brothers all have a form of colorblindness. My sister and I can see colors in the red spectrum. Deb can remember the colors that she sees, I can’t.

I give this background information to make a point about people in the last days who won’t be able to see the truth no matter how long and hard they look because God said he would make it impossible for them to see. People will tell me, “Why can’t they see the truth? It is as plain and simple as it can be.”

Yes, it should be plain and simple. However, when God makes you blind, He doesn’t make you a little blind such that you can see a little bit of truth. Totally blind means totally blind.

When I met my future husband, it didn’t take him long to figure out that I had issues with color. In the beginning, he tried to teach me the colors, as if it were as simple as just learning the names of the crayons. As time went on, I dressed my babies in mostly browns and my husband got over trying to teach me to see colors.

When my children got older, both tried to teach me my colors. Eventually, they gave up, thank the Lord. Those were some frustrating years, I want you to know. They grew up and left home and decorated their own houses. When they visit, they tend to forget I can’t see all colors.

My daughter, son-in-law and I were taking a walk through my flower garden this summer. Suddenly, my daughter exclaimed,” Wow! What is that?”

“What? Where?” I looked in the direction she was looking, but I saw nothing unusual.

“There. That small tree with the greenest leaves I’ve ever seen.” Brandi pointed.

I was looking as hard as I could, trying to see what she was seeing, but I had no clue. “Don’t see it?” Brandi asked again.

“No. Sorry. I’m still colorblind. I still don’t have any color memory.”

“Oh, I forgot.” Brandi walked me to the shrub in question.

No matter how hard they tried, no one in my family could help me see what I couldn’t see. Maybe this is why I have a better understanding about why the lost can’t see that the things happening today that God predicted so long ago. They can’t understand what they read in the bible, nor can they look at what is happening in our world today and say, “Hey, these must be the end-time days God spoke about.”

You just can’t make the blind see by telling them to look. They can look all day long and still not see what is plain as the nose on your face.

4 thoughts on “They can’t see what they can’t see

  1. Which is why it is a marvelous thing indeed when the Lord opens the eyes of our heart to know how deep and wide and high is His love for us. Many leaders in the Church guilt and goad their members to “do better” and employ all sorts of technique to convert the unbelieving. This dependence on human effort flies in the face of the gospel that shows us we are helpless to save ourselves, to unblind ourselves. Nothing short of a supernatural power can save. If we could open our own eyes, why did Jesus have to offer up a perfect life on the Cross for us?

  2. Thanks for the being straightforward, Barbara, and for using a daily challenge in your life to explore our spirituality. May God continue to inspire you to speak and touch lives.

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