If You Couldn’t Find God Today, He was at my House


Blackberries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two berries of the Rubus genus. The red one to...

Two berries of the Rubus genus. The red one to the left is Rubus idaeus, which is commonly known as raspberry. Its length is approximately 26 mm (only the fruit part) and it measures about 18 mm at its widest diameter. The black berry to the right is Rubus fruticosus – the common blackberry – with a length of 33 mm and a maximum diameter of 17 mm. Both berries are food used by Homo sapiens sapiens and are therefore cultivated. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Apples on an apple-tree. Ukraine. Рус...

English: Apples on an apple-tree. Ukraine. Русский: Яблоня со спелыми плодами. Украина. Latina: Malus domestica (Borkh., 1803) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Few people would recognize perfect if it slapped them in the face to get their attention and showed them photo after photo of itself.  Fewer still, are the moments of perfection. However, I recognized this illusive creature today. Having recognized perfection, I realized that God was very near.

My husband and I took a ride on the Artic Cat tonight at 8:30 to a huge stand of blackberry bushes growing along a fence row at the end of our road. With my bucket in hand, we picked the large sweet berries as the lightening bugs put on a show around us. So magical were the small bugs that I stopped picking several times just to watch the show.

Now, God didn’t have to give us small, harmless bugs with super bright lights in their butts to light up the night sky in June and July every year, here in the south, but He did. Why did he? Was he as amused at the idea of a bug who called for a mate by turning on his butt light as we are? I have to believe that He is. In fact, I know that God was watching with us as we, like children, oohed and aawed over the beauty and magic that filled the night. It is a phenomenon that can’t be expressed with words.

We filled the bucket, got back onto the four-wheeler and drove to another location. The sparkles of light were everywhere around us. We found an apple tree loaded with apples ready to be picked. We filled our bag with apples and drove on. There were bushes completely covered in white balls of blooms. The mountainside appeared to be covered in snow.

The sunset was red, orange and amber. A cool breeze blew across my face. My thought was, “This is a perfect summer night.”

What is perfection? It is whatever you believe it to be. For me, when all or many of the things I love come together all at once, I see perfection. Others might find fault with my perfection. I may see nothing perfect in your idea of perfection. The main thing is to recognize when a perfect moment, hour of day or successive hours, comes together. Drink it in. Commit it to memory. It won’t happen too often and in fact, may never happen for you again.

Perfection is fleeting. We live in a cursed world that is crumbling. We have no right to expect much. But, when things come together to give you all the elements that give you joy or peace, recognize that perfection is taking place. God is always in the midst of perfection. There is no perfection without Him.

My idea of a perfect summer night: The grass and low sky is lit up with dancing lightening bugs, A cool breeze is blowing while I drink the fragrance of honeysuckles and petunias. There are so many black, sweet berries that a two-gallon pail is filled withing ten minutes. I have no urgent tasks to complete. I am free to enjoy every minute.

I am praying that each of you find a moment of perfection this summer. Remember, it may be fleeting, but it will be glorious.

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